Why long tail keywords matter in SEO?

Why long tail keywords matter in SEO?

Long tail keywords are gaining both credibility and popularity. Gone are those days of using traditional, hard-core keywords. These core keywords don’t bring positive results Therefore; many webmasters have started using long tail keywords.

If you had a website for very long, then you would probably have come to know about the two most important things in search engine optimization (SEO) that are:

  • Lots of keywords that seem to be perfect are highly competitive and hence don’t bring in much traffic.
  • Plenty of visitors mean nothing without conversions.

There are two-fold tricks to a successful website: 1) you have to attract lots of visitors and 2) you have to convince them to convert them into subscribers, buyers and readers. You can only achieve these goals, if you make use of the right strategy. The key is to make use of long tail keywords.

What are Long Tail keywords?

These are the search queries in the form of phrases which are used to search for specific products or services or any other information. These long tail keywords are made up of the few relevant keywords related to your products and services as well as the intention of the searchers. These long tail keywords confine the search and will bring the organic and quality traffic to your website.

Why to use long tail keywords?

It is true that it brings traffic and increases the conversion rate, but how exactly the long tail keywords help? The answer to this question is here-since the short tail keywords are cores keywords and are highly competitive. Moreover, the searchers also believe in human conversation method while searching for some information on the web. So, they do not follow hard-core keywords.

Below mentioned are the few reasons for using long tail keywords:

  • Long tail keywords can provide significant amount of traffic.
  • Long tail keywords are more specific
  • Long tail keywords are less competitive as compared to generic keywords and hence have higher click through rate
  • People who make long tail searches are often interested in buying and are more willing to buy than the people making generic searches.

How to use long tail keywords to generate and boost traffic and conversion rate?

Like the other keywords, long tail keywords or phrases should be used in your articles/posts in an appropriate quantity and not overstuffing them and making your article unnatural. Here are some of the best places, where you should use the long tail keywords:

  • Page or post content
  • User generated content like testimonials and reviews
  • Page titles
  • Internal links to other posts on your website

Therefore, try to create a creative content including the long tail keywords in right quantity and at right place.

Utilizing these keywords in a specified way, webmasters and the business owners can get a huge return in terms of popularity and credibility. This leads to increase in online communications and business sales. The concept of long tail keywords is a distinctive approach and helps win the market because more you go confined, more you will receive the confined results.

To develop and find the long tail keywords for your business, think like a searcher, who is searching for your products and services? Identify the intention of them and add these long tail keywords at appropriate places. This would bring you are required results.

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