8 SEO Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses from Experts

8 SEO Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses from Experts

I would like to touch on the topic of SEO optimization and discuss the recommendations that experienced SEO experts give. Why are they so interesting?

First of all, they are aimed at helping small businesses. We have compiled a selection of the most relevant and necessary tips that you must use if you are going to bring your business to the world of the Internet.

1. Aaron Wall from SEOBook points out that choosing a domain name is a very important step.

If you want the company to be recognized, so that its name is easy to remember and put off in the minds of customers for a long time, then you should not grab the first name that comes across. Think, and compare possible options. The domain name should reflect the nature of your project, be unique, short, and easy to read. And you will get a great "starting speed" that can significantly speed up the development of the site.

2. Matt McGee of Small Business Search Marketing makes recommendations for content and trust.

To keep loyal customers and gain new ones, you need to earn their trust. And the best way to do this is through unique, useful, and high-quality content. Do everything yourself. Yes, it is longer, more expensive, and more difficult, but believe that the result will justify all the efforts spent. Shoot video reviews, give your expert description, and try to make unique and “delicious” descriptions so that a person not only wants to read them but also share them with friends.

3. Robert Brady from RighteousMarketing.com shared his thoughts on paid search marketing.

If you decide to use paid advertising from Google or Yahoo, be sure to follow a few rules. First, choose the right keywords, because you should not spend money on empty queries, or those that will be very difficult to convert. The second rule is that your landing page must 100% match the query given in the ad. All this increases clicks on ads by 50%, and significantly improves sales of the advertised product.

4. Vedran Tomic of SEO Rabbit notes that regional promotion is a very important element.

If your company operates in a certain region and does not specialize in the supply of goods or services throughout the country, then do not waste time putting your site at the TOP for competitive requests throughout the state. Focus on a specific region. Use keywords with the name of your city, state, county, etc. Also, try to promote using sites that are as close as possible to you not only in terms of subject matter but also in terms of region. All this will make the site more relevant for regional queries, and give targeted visitors who are more likely to become your potential customers.

5. Tamar Weinberg of Techipedia.com says that social media has grown at an incredible pace in the last few years.

If earlier they were perceived only as a way to communicate with friends, now thousands of businessmen earn good money using the possibilities of social media. You can go two ways. The first is to create a business based on a social network (groups, public, communities in which a certain product will be promoted and sold), or create thematic groups from which visitors will be redirected to the site later. Already, there are many sites that receive the main traffic solely due to the social activity of their visitors.

6. Marty Lamers from Articulayers.com emphasizes that you should take website content optimization very seriously.

If you want to get potential customers from search engines (Google, Yahoo), then you definitely need to delve into the basics of internal optimization - functionality, and usability of your site. Make sure it is easy to navigate, has a clear and concise menu, page content is easy to read with readable fonts and logical paragraph sections, and more. It is also very important that there are no broken links on the pages (when the user clicks and gets an error message) - a broken link checker can help with this.

7. Debra Mastaler from LinkSpiel.com in one of her interviews noted the importance of analytics.

You must study your market, demographics, age, gender, and interests of potential customers. All this will help to get a more detailed picture of what is happening and make the most efficient use of available resources. You also need to be able to super quickly respond to changes in the interests and desires of customers. If you see that a certain trend is going on, a new "trick" appears, then do not hesitate, to implement it on your resource.

8. Will Spencer MemeBridge.com advises you not to rush into buying links to your site.

To be more precise, links play a very important role, but you should carefully choose a donor site, study it according to dozens of criteria, and choose the best of those that are presented on the network. What is it for? A good donor site is a successful promotion, a higher position in search engines, more transitions, and potential customers.


Of course, there are hundreds more SEO tips for small businesses, but it’s impossible to fit them all in one article. If you want to learn more about SEO optimization and website promotion, then we advise you to read articles from reliable sources and trust only the opinions of professionals in their field.

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