5 Tips for SaaS Developing and Marketing

5 Tips for SaaS Developing and Marketing

In the twenty-first century, the SaaS model is often regarded as the most advantageous for practically any sort of software. For customers, a SaaS solution is the ultimate tool for resolving any issue, while for business owners, it is a valuable offering.

Just like any other business endeavor, developing and deploying software as a service application needs time, money, and, of course, rigorous research. A complex SaaS development process exists between a clear vision of a successful cloud-based solution and its execution.

To make these processes easier, specifically the development and marketing, take a look below.

Use the right tools

It's critical to use the correct tools in your SaaS journey. GitLab is an excellent example of a really useful tool.

The basic user feature of GitLab is a visual Git repository management system that allows users to browse, audit, merge, and do other typical tasks that would otherwise require the usage of the command-line interface.

Ruby on Rails, which runs behind a web server and sends tasks to a backend helper called GitLab Runner, provides the majority of the front-end user experience.

Another great platform that you should use is Jira. This is a proprietary issue tracking system that enables bug tracking and agile project management.

The best bit about it is that you can have a GitLab Jira integration, made by Bitband. With this integration, you can link GitLab commits to Jira Issue IDs, keep track of time, assign commits to users, and transfer Jira issues all from within GitLab. Inside Jira, you can review commits and even compare code.

Your marketing has to be top-notch

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It is absolutely necessary to have a strong marketing plan for your SaaS business. So, do your homework and look for proven SaaS marketing strategies before proceeding. For a start, take a look at the strategies listed below.

Great content

Businesses all around the world recognize that content is one of the most effective strategies to increase site traffic, create leads, and promote their brand.

Content has one significant advantage over other types of digital marketing. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, which are effective only if you're ready to spend money, content is a free asset that continues to operate in your favor.

You can make your website more interactive by including a blog. Write helpful, high-quality material that people will want to read and share. Your content should, first and foremost, have a purpose and provide value to your audience.

Offer a free trial

Free trials increase conversions, which is a well-known truth in the market. Conversions increased by more than 60% for SaaS organizations that used them.

A free trial allows users to see the service's value and so influences their purchasing decision. It is a lead generation strategy that can be quite effective.

SEO is very important

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It's impossible to discuss content without bringing up SEO. To generate traffic, you must ensure that people can find you and do your best to appear in search results. Moreover, you need to outperform the competition and rank as high as possible on search engines.

That’s why SEO is so important but also complex. In fact, it's a time-consuming process that necessitates patience and perhaps necessitates its own blog article to be adequately explained. But for a start, it’s enough to know that SEO is a must in your marketing game.

Don’t try to manage everything on your own

You're making a huge error if you think you can handle all your employees on your own. Managing developers without wasting a considerable amount of money and time unless you have extensive expertise as a software developer or product manager is practically impossible.

When business owners try to manage a software product on their own, they frequently end up with something that is low-quality, bug-ridden, and, worst of all, has more functionality than they need.

Working with freelancers or even low-quality organizations can lead to the acquisition of "yes men." Because they say "yes" to every feature you want them to build, you waste money instead of producing an MVP that works.

Create virality around your product

Not every SaaS product has the potential to go viral.

InVision and Loom are excellent examples of virality since users will share what they've developed with others, resulting in more signups. If you can include a viral effect into your product, you should.

And you don't expect your product to become viral, you'll need to think about how you'll spread the word. You can leverage SaaS tools to create an affiliate program without having to write any code or incentivize sharing in other ways.

Take a proactive attitude rather than a passive one. Since word of mouth is so important, you should do everything you can to help start it.


Product development and marketing are at the foundation of any business, and that holds true for SaaS too. Growing your software firm is doable if you're ready to commit time to the above-mentioned SaaS tactics.

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