How to make your brand more visible

How to make your brand more visible

It is all very well moving into branding merchandise, but when it comes to stimulating some interest in your products from the general public, it can be a bit of a headache, especially if your business isn’t very well known.

Luckily, there are many steps you can take to ensure that your brand is more visible, reaches your target audience and can cater to a wide range and high number of customers.


It is important to have the right long-tailed keywords so that your customers can find your website easily. Having the wrong long-tailed keywords – or not making them quite niche enough to what you are trying to sell, whether it is goods or services – will only get you traffic that is not necessarily interested in what you are selling. Even if you’re lucky and a few are actually interested in your business. However, this is costing you money, and that money could be better spent on the right keywords and obtaining your business more custom.

It is, therefore, vital to get a professional business involved when it comes to your SEO to make sure that it is done correctly from the start. They will be able to provide you with results fast, and you will probably see your sales grow as your target market starts to find your website.

Web hosting

It is also very important to make sure that your web hosting provider is doing their bit to keep your website up and running on the internet to be viewed by your potential customers. Having a reliable hosting business that offers scalable hosting, such as, is an absolute must. They can help you make sure that your web hosting grows easily with your business so that you don’t find that your site has got a traffic limit on it before it goes offline.

Web hosting is key to ensuring your website has fast loading speeds – crucial for keeping customers on-site – and is reliable. Versatility in hosting services is another thing to look for, especially as you grow.

Company swag

Another way of getting your brand noticed is to give out company swag with your brand on the items. It is up to you whether you choose to give these items to your employees to wear or whether you hand them out to your most valued customers. You can look at it as free advertising, really (after the initial outlay on the goods, at least).

You will have to make sure that the items that you chose for your company swag (if you are not producing your own) are of good quality – in other words, that they’re items that are likely to be worn in public so that your branding will be seen by many members of the public to enhance awareness. You should also make sure that your web address is also visible on the merchandise so that you can draw as many new customers as you possibly can.

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