Many of us might think that digital marketing is something dating back to a few years. It was the 1990s when the word digital marketing landed in the marketing domain.

It was only a matter of time when many multinational companies incorporated this marketing rend and started to see its advantages. Initially, digital marketing was as an arena for big business to compete with each other for building their consumer base and stay ahead of the curve. With time and advancement in internet technologies, many companies today are relying on digital marketing than sticking to traditional marketing.

Digital marketing has its rivalries for businesses to ace their sales and grow. Every other person in our surroundings is busy shopping online and check out other stuff. E-commerce is one of the booming businesses in the digital realm, as it has made shopping easy for everyone. All they need to do is a tick on the object and can pay cash on delivery or let their bank handle the payments. Many e-commerce loses their online existence for not having enough links or trustworthy appearances.


According to the latest census report, the retail e-commerce revenues are booming quarter after quarter. This rise indicates that there is still more surge to happen, and to make it happen in an instant, e-commerce businesses need to have strong backlinks to climb up the SEO ladder. Google algorithms have made it mandatory for websites to be authentic, trustworthy, and represent expertise. Any website can make this happen alone. Just like humans, they need their digital support in the form of backlinks. E-commerce link building or backlinks can help in generating traffic conversion and attract more customers.

If you are a budding e-commerce business and seeking ways to get strong links into your site, then visit to avail of the leading link building services. Besides reaching out to the expert services for building links, here are a few suggestions that you can try to incorporate in your link building strategies.


Will you spend your time digesting some content that does not answer your questions? The answer is, you will quickly shut that page down and move to the one that has all the answers you seek. These links might generate some rankings for you, but you will have to compromise on lead generation and your sales funnel. Instead of building links for mediocre pages, divert your focus on generating high quality and educational content that will match your user’s search intent.

A study suggests that publishing quality content regularly increases the chances of generating leads by 67%. Writing content shall not be a random gig but a well thought strategic idea. Develop visually appealing content and include quotes and views of industry experts relevant to your niche. Interacting with users through content will enhance the trustworthiness and authenticity of your page.


Often it is not possible to redesign or revamp your web category pages to add content. In such cases, when the content is not available for link building, selling an exciting product can become your linkbait. Adding unique products in your inventory and displaying them on your webpage can attract links to it. These products can also ace your social media marketing by getting several shares and likes, and may get links from high authority pages.


Another effective link-building strategy is to build and maintain a sales/ deals page of your business. The purpose of this page is to seize more customers and invite more links. While you are building your sales page, ensure that it fulfills the SEO criteria like crawlable, indexable content, static URL, and keywords. You can later revamp or add new sales on the same URL. For instance, if you have a Friday deal coming up, contact the bloggers and share the coupon with them. The moment they share it with their readers and follower, they have to link back to the page they share with readers.


If you have mommy bloggers or influencers on your page, you can avail of their presence by announcing a contest on their sites and social media pages. Announcing giveaways is one of the successful tactics to generate links. Adding a personalized touch to your giveaway products will enhance the chances of getting a good influx of links. To boost your giveaways response, research the bloggers that get a lot of social shares. Contacting them to promote your giveaway offer will pave the way for more link building with potential sites.


If you have been relying on the content or social media marketing, it is time to try video marketing. Video content is an excellent way to bring your brand and story to life through narrative, walk-throughs, and in-depth video. With video marketing, you can create a variety of content based on the type of your target audience. Marketing through videos develops unique opportunities to significant link building, engaging customers, and driving higher click-through rates. Expand your reach by posting the videos on YouTube to monitor if it gets embeds from some bloggers. You can outreach these bloggers requesting a link back to the original page on your website.


The most pleasing way to let people know about your existence is through people. Getting people to talk about your e-commerce business through brand ambassador program can lead to essential link building. Reach out to your loyal customers to share their views through their social media pages, blogs, Instagram posts, or tweets. While they share their reviews about your brand and its services and incorporating the link back to your original post will divert the traffic and links to you.


You will hardly find somebody who does not like to look at the pretty and eye-catching pictures. Pictures are the quickest to induce visual stimulation and intrigue the person to look into detail. It is worth the effort to add high-quality and high-resolution photos on your website. If your products are not visible to the visitor, who will they trust or even add that product in their cart? Pictures contribute a lot to the link building target of your website.


Link building is a science but an art as well. You need to understand the tactics that best suit your e-commerce website and seek ways to incorporate them. Whether you like it or not, but it is a fact that Google holds almost 90% of the search market share. Online businesses are surviving on the organic traffic they get for their websites. There are plenty of ways to produce traffic and sales, but without significant link building, your business might not survive for long. Link building will lift your business if you know the strategies you are choosing to implement and its relevancy to your business category.

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