Why Java is the best programming language for mobile apps

Why Java is the best programming language for mobile apps

Since the last five years, we have seen a tremendous hike in the demands of mobile apps.

Changing needs of businesses and customers have changed the way of app development. Nowadays, businesses are using mobile apps even to increase their productivity as well as operational jobs. However, we shouldn't forget that it is the time of cross-platform. Cross-platform app development frameworks assist developers in writing a single code for multiple platforms, while it also enables businesses to save on development cost.

Whenever you realize your mobile app development needs, you should plan it accordingly and talk with experienced developers to get a successful app to meet your business objectives. To understand the market and analysis of the platform, it is ideal developing an app with the professionals. There are lots of development frameworks and programming languages available for app development; however, which is the best suitable and the best will depend on your project needs.

In this writing, we will see why Java is the best programming language for mobile apps.  Before moving ahead with the other factors, we should first know about Java.

What is Java?

Java was built by James Gosling during the early 1990s at Sun Microsystems. From its inception, it works on the concept of "write-once and run anywhere". It can be integrated with multiple technologies such as J2EE, Hadoop, Node.js, Spring, Android and many more to create portable, robust and scalable apps.

Why Java for mobile apps development?

Studies say that currently, Java is the most popular and highly-demanding programming language to fulfil app types of app development needs. Android is the largest OS used in millions of mobile devices is based on Java. And it has kept Java at the top positive in the last couple of years. With Java, it is also easy to develop native applications utilizing different native tools. Now, we will explore the reasons why Java is the best programming language for mobile apps.

A large community and support

Java is a globally used programming language. It offers support from a big community to solve development issues. So, if a developer encounters any issue while developing an app or wants to get the advice, then it is easy and quick to get it with its big community. There are lots of forums, and online portals available where you can find the support and assistance on all your issues. The rich community support of Java assures the success rate of your app.

OOPs concept

One of the top benefits of using Java for mobile app development is that it is an Object-Oriented Programming Language. In this way, it offers more scalability, flexibility and extensibility in the development process. It is equipped with lots of default design patterns and tools.

Extensive development tools

Java is a tool-rich language. Its extensive toolset makes the app development and programming task much easier. Java is an open-source language and developers can easily access the tools as per their needs. It allows accessing lots of open-source libraries available on the web.

Java is equipped with some of the best app development tools like Netbeans, Eclipse and many others. These tools play a vital role in app development. These tools not only help in the programming but also assist in debugging and other jobs required to a successful app development environment. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Java made app development faster and comfortable.

Open-source language

Java is one of the open-source and freely accessible languages. Since its launch it is available freely; therefore, there is no need to pay any price if you want to use it. Just install it and start using.

An extensible and vibrant platform

Indeed, Java is an extensible and vibrant platform. Its codes are structured in the classes which are packed in interpreter just when required. Due to the concept of classes, apps can easily choose the required class and its associated functions.

Easy to learn

Java is widely-used and easy to learn programming language. It is possible that you think it is tough to understand its concepts; however it is easier in contrast to other languages. It has simple syntaxes, program structures that enable developers to learn its easily. As a beginner you can quickly move on with Java, once you understand its concepts, it will be like a fun for you to code in Java.

Cross-platform app development

As compared to other languages, it is easier to transform apps from one platform to others in Java. It allows developers to write-once and runs anywhere. So, it enables developers to build an app with a single code that can run on multiple mobile platforms. Code reusability in this language is one of the best benefits to use the same code for other platforms.

Other reasons to choose mobile apps are as follows:

  • It offers maximum security in design and development environments.
  • It is very versatile to integrate distinctive apps and functions.
  • It comes with lots of in-built tools and a rich set of the library.
  • It is easy to learn, even for beginners.
  • It is easy to hire the resources for Java app development.

Final Words

Finally, we can say that Java is the most used and the best programming language for mobile apps developments. It is one of the best options for businesses seeking to have an app on multiple mobile platforms. It is a perfect choice if you want to develop a successful and robust mobile app.

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