Is Flat Web Designing a Prospective or a Consequence?

Is Flat Web Designing a Prospective or a Consequence?

As you see now, everywhere you have flat design and it looks cool these days! Web designing is an ever-evolving and constantly changing field on the World Wide Web. The technologies are shifting from ordinary 3D’s to flat and minimal designs that occupy the top place in the current trends.

The concept of flat web design is to focus on users with its two dimensional navigations. It greatly helps in promoting navigation in mobile devices. It has design elements such as contrasts, shapes, blocks that can be used to change things, move items or resize it. Though there has been much information about its benefits and limitations, I would like to share a few of them with you!

Top Pros and Cons of a Flat UI Design:

Is it a Passing Trend or a Revolution?

The trending popularity of the flat design has made few businesses to expose itself with this technology as it needs to get lots of attraction from the designers, developers, bloggers and other social influencers. However, there are few consequences that the website that uses flat design must be reviewed and the concept will be no longer sustainable.

Color looks Pretty, but is that all Enough?

This flat design uses contrasting colors that help in showing better display with varying color which provides a guide to the visitors to look over the website. This in turn will increase the visitor’s engagement on the site. Though it looks great and can work out for many websites, few of the sites don’t go for additional elements solely in order to increase the traffic or conversions.

Spiky and Tidy, but Not More Enough for Some:

Usually flat design looks spiky sharp and clean. The shapes, colors, buttons, lines, imageries have an awesome look and feel. However, few people feel that is looking too simple and it create many issues that are providing less visual appeal.

Simple Interface, but is it a Good Option?

Flat UI designs are ideal for mobile interfaces that are implementing for the sake of mobile traffic. As it uses large buttons and simple structure they seem to be apt for mobile devices in order to increase the user engagement. Further, they also eradicate the need to zoom in to find tabs, links or to type in the search bar. It is important to analyze and assess a website thoroughly whether it is a good opinion or will it decrease the usability.

Eye-catching typography, but simple fonts:

It is very essential to use the right kind of typography! One should know how to match the typefaces to the theme of the overall design. Hence, nowadays in many websites, flat designs are built with simple bold fonts rather than styling fonts as the latter will be odd and look out of sight. The use of such jazzy fonts will not be suitable for all kinds of websites so it is very important to be careful while fitting fonts with the design!

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