Penji's Innovative Business Model Offers Value To Enterprises In A Fast Paced World

Penji's Innovative Business Model Offers Value To Enterprises In  A Fast Paced World

With the world becoming more fast paced and online oriented, Camden, New Jersey based graphic design firm, Penji, offers an innovative business model to the graphic design services industry that delivers value to communities, and enterprises alike. As a Design as a Service (DAAS) pioneer, the firm offers a flat monthly rate for on-demand graphic design. 

Offering unlimited graphic design services at a flat monthly fee, Penji is geared towards being a cost-effective solution for firms, and individuals, with high frequency graphic needs - that go beyond the generic  stock images one could find on services like PhotoBucket, Adobe Stock. Penji's graphic design services are targeted at individuals, like content creators - who would require constant, personalized, on-demand graphic design - and Startup Companies, Marketing Firms, and Agencies requiring a cost-effective, and agile graphic design solution. 

Founded by former agency owners, Penji was born from an internal tool they developed to allow for remote work. Seeing an opportunity in the DAAS field, they established Penji. The firm is based in Camden, NJ, in the United States, and routinely hires graphic designers from communities in The Philippines, Central America, and students from their local community, of Camden. The firm - founded in late 2017 - started out with just 5 hires from the local community, and has grown to employ a 133-strong, globally dispersed staff.

Penji's Services

Penji's platform enables the firm to offer any graphic design task that can be performed remotely, and delivers work on-platform, for customers to review or download (if happy.) This includes:

  • Branding
  • Website Logos, Blog Headers
  • Shirt Design
  • Banners, Flyers
  • App Prototype Design
  • Digital & Print Ads
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Book, eBook, Magazine, Covers & Layout

Penji's Services are offered at a flat, monthly rate for unlimited jobs & revisions, though only 1 or 2 can be submitted at a go. One is given a dedicated designer, and all work and communication is carried out on-platform - similar to crowd-sourcing services, Fivver, or Upwork, except all designers are Penji staff. 


The Design Services firm offers monthly, quarterly, and annual price plans. Current, monthly price plans go as follows:

  • Pro - $399/month - Graphic Design Only
  • Team - $499/month - Graphic Design/ Illustration/ UX/UI
  • Agency -  $899/month - Graphic Design/ Illustration/ UX/UI (x2)

All plans offer unlimited design requests, unlimited revisions, unlimited access to stock photography, web and app design. All  handled by dedicated design teams.

Customers get a 10% discount on quarterly plans and, a further, 15% savings on the yearly plans. The customer's relationship with Penji is more subscription based, and is - in no way - contractual, allowing a user, who is no longer happy, to cancel their subscription to the service at any time. With a 15 day Money Back guarantee.

The Benefits

Penji's business model allows for content creators, as well as creative firms and agencies to streamline their workflow, by delegating all graphic needs to Penji.while focusing on core processes. Agencies & Startups will free up more time to focus on strategy, while Marketing Companies can use their Penji subscription to help with large campaigns, thus foregoing the recruitment, and downsizing costs attached. 


Penji's subscription based graphic design business model seems to fit well with needs of modern firms, looking to stand out in appearance, yet very conscious of cost. The added benefit of an unlimited number of design jobs enables individuals, and small firms - without a big budget - access to professional graphic design work, on an innovative, and convenient platform.

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