The 10 Best Multitasking HTML Form Builder Softwares You Need To Know

The 10 Best Multitasking HTML Form Builder Softwares You Need To Know

So, you've built a website with all the leading features, but have you planned about the ways of collecting information, learning about your customers, their preferences, feedback and more?

No, don't worry! Creating an online contact form is all what you need. No doubt, forms can be boring, but its depends largely on what tools and softwares you have used to design them. By creating a simple form, you can add wings to your business process, while still maintaining a level of privacy and professionalism into it.

Creating a simple and easy to fill form is all what businesses should do these days in order to get maximum attention of their customers. There are so many form builders out there that are efficient enough in creating usable contact forms, support and custom forms for your website with ease. However, not all form builders are created equal. So, to make the selection of a perfect form builder software smoother for you, we have compiled a list of some best-of-the-breed tools that fit you and your company needs.

1. Google Forms

Google Forms

Powered by Google Docs' spreadsheets, Google Forms are definitely a perfect choice for creating top-notch contact forms for your customers. They are free and incredibly dynamic in placing all the forms automatically in a spreadsheet. They also work fast and provide best editing results than any other form app.

The tool comes with all the necessary features that help you creating compelling forms such as multiple choice options, drop-and-down menus, text and more. Plus, you also have the facility to validate the entries on your forms and add new features with the help of scripts.

Price: 100% free

Craete a Free Form

2. Wufoo for Robust Reports


Wufoo is an extraordinary online form builder tool that helps anyone creating fantastic online contact forms. The design of this tool look really nice, that would make a designer use it again and again. But looks are not enough to make a tool great, so Wufoo has also bought some really exciting features on the table. Features including payment fields from a variety of resources and a file uploader that will let people submit pages, images, documents and more.

Price: Free with 1 user for 3 forms, 3 reports and up to 100 entries per month; $14.95/month for up to 10 forms and 500 entries; $29.95+/month after that.

Craete a Free Form Pricing

3. Arclab Web Form Builder 4

Arclab Web Form Builder

Arclab Web Form Builder 4 is a php based form creating software that helps you create email contact forms and multi-page php forms with ease. Not only this, but you can also design contact forms, registration forms, booking forms and feedback forms with this software without  going through the complicated coding process of php and HTML. 

Price: From $49.95 for 1 PC.

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4. Formoid


Formoid ia a form builder that will add an edge in the process of creating out-of-the-box forms for your website. The software is great in creating design-based forms while adding fabulous features such as drag-and-drop, CSS styling, text validation and much more.

The major benefit of this tool is that you have the power of creating attractive forms without having any coding knowledge in the most effective manner. 

Price: Free for non-profit websites


5. Jotform from Fast Form-making


If you are looking for a tool that would help you creating elegant online forms, then Jotform is all what you need. This incredible app will speed up the process of making contact forms without letting you sign up again and again. You can any field you want such as email address, simply by copying the form and putting the form on your website.

Price: Free for up to 100 entries; $9.95/month for unlimited forms and up to 1,000 entries, $19.95+/month after that

Craete a Free Form Pricing

6. Formstack


Formstack is an online form builder tool that simplifies the data collection process and allows you to create beautiful online forms in seconds. With Formstack you can create surveys, lead gen, donation and order forms all from one centralized app.

Price: 14 day free trial; $39/month for up to 20 forms and 2,000 entries; $99+/month after that

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7. Sky Forms Pro

Sky Forms Pro

Sky Forms Pro is an outstanding software made of leading elements accompanied by a myriad of JavaScript features including validation, mask, datepickers etc. Its extraordinary elements including progressive form elements, toggles and ratings helps you automatically update HTML forms while making use of Ajax instead of a regular submit.

Price: From $10.00


8. Typeform


Typeform is an online form builder, which is easy use and to build and share beautifully designed online forms & surveys. Typeform supplies a variety of pre-made themes and color schemes to add visual style.

Typeforms are automatically responsive and can be used on touch devices. They also provide users a stats area to measure metrics so you can keep tabs on how well it’s performing.

Price: Free with core features; $25/month with pro features

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9. 123ContactForm


123ContactForm is is a web form and survey builder and it is the fastest way to create professional forms for web and mobile. The drag & drop form editor makes it simple to build custom contact forms, surveys, registration forms and order forms using your browser.

Price: Free for up to 5 forms and 100 entries per month; $14.95/month for native third-party app integrations and up to 20 forms and 5,000 submissions, $29.95+/month after that

Home Pricing

10. Gravity Forms - Worpress Plugin

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress plugin that lets you manage, distribute and connect your forms on your WordPress site. Gravity Forms takes cares of forms from completion to submissions to notifications. It has a drag and drop interface for creating forms with a lot of fields to chose from.

Price: $39 per site, with 1 year of upgrades and support

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