Increasing Visibility via Blogging

Increasing Visibility via Blogging

Visibility of your website is an ultimate gauge mark. It hints how your prospective audience is receiving your website and how they are responding to your digital branding efforts.

A tell-tale sign it may not necessarily be but it surely is a good way of knowing if your site has the kind of reach and appeal in front of the audience. Now imagine if you had tools right up your doorstep to increase that visibility on the multiple level. And these methods are not exactly broken down or dead, they have just been lazily forgotten due to some tools or spamming practices.

Setting up a blog on your website can be a great way to drive more traffic to your site from potential and current customers. For blogs to be a successful tool, though, you need post frequently and use custom-written content that shows you're an expert in your field.

Make it hot. Do your research, and find out which keywords for your market are "hot" and frequently used on search engines. Websites like allow you to see the amount of times a keyword has been searched in the last 24 hours. Once you've figured out what those "hot" keywords are, incorporate them into your posts.

You can read more from Chad Brooks on marketing to increase branding here.

But this writeup is a sign of how blogging works just in case we had forgotten. See, blogging is pretty much the ultimate marketing tool we have right now.  Because firstly, it is exceedingly “uninterruptive” a form of marketing.  So you are reading across a website and you come across a link which you find interesting, you click on it and are forwarded to this author’s website with the blog post.  The act was voluntary and the post reaches the reader in a positive manner.

Opting in

This is important because readers of your blog come into your site either via the search engine or a link from another site. Both of which are methods of opting in. Why is that important? It makes the reader be more accepting and appreciative of the content they find online. So the process itself opens them up to your website and leaves them to be converted. Now when they scroll through the rest of your web site they are more likely to be open minded about what you offer to them in terms of services or products.

The way a blog works in this regard is very simple. The blog makes you look like the expert of your field. It markets your expertise and your experience. Furthermore, it tells the reader that they can build a relation with you because no longer are you just a promoter with pic shouting tag lines at unaware folks. Your content is linked with relevant tags and people read your blog by finding those links as useful. This is how the entire procedure begins and ultimately ends up increasing the overall visibility and marketability of your own website.

And all in all it does not take too much to get your blog rolling with engines like Blogger or Wordpress available to you. In fact Wordpress’s service is extensive enough for you to not even require your own website in case you want to use the free service. In either case, get your blog started and rolling, you never know it might just be the spice that your marketing strategy needs to really flavor things up.

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