How To Pick Your First SEO Keywords

How To Pick Your First SEO Keywords

It all starts by typing the right words in the search bar!

Keywords are nothing, but the words that people type to complete their search for information, products, and services. It’s the most valuable and the high-return thing in the marketing world. And let’s accept it; it’s the foundation of SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Imagine you have done everything: keywords inserted, blog optimized, but still your website/blog fails to draw attention. So, what’s next?

While you can pick any keyword, weaving the blog with the most effective ones, that can engage users, is what you need to do. Also, it should be a long tail or of two-to-four phrase to make the reader know about the articles core message. Although a handful of keywords can make a content rank in search engines, targeted keywords convey what the content is all about.

So, how will you pick your targeted KEYWORD? If you want more than just attracting visitors, and want to choose your first keyword to target it in the content, these tips will help:

Judge Where Your Selected Keyword Stands:

Before you select any relevant one, know how much the keyword is worth to your blog/website or brand. If you have a bookstore, will you be able to generate sales from the word ‘best books’?

So, before hopping to any random word, know your business, spend some time in selecting, know your goals and then choose the one. Narrow down your search like:

  • How swiftly you want the results: Though SEO building is a long-term goal, of you, need fast results, choose the keyword that offers low-competition and high-volume.
  • Which audience you want to target: In which group of people you want to content to be? Do you want to be confined to a specific audience or you want to reach out?
  • What kind of traffic you want: Are you putting up keyword just to attract people to buy your product or you only want the brand awareness?

Keyword Complexity:

Do you think putting up high-end words will attract more audience? Not precisely! You need to understand the demand of your audience and what they are looking for. Also, use long-tail keywords instead of short words. And simple words to rank your website like if you want website design and affordable search engine optimization for your business in Australia look for the keywords that Australian people mostly search for.

Seo Keywords 2018

Analyze Search Trends:

Another important thing that you can use to select your first keyword is analyzing search results. Try testing the words you have selected as per your brand, search tools and analyze the results. Also, look what your competitors are using and try to put similar words in your content.

The Long Tail Keyword Will Help:

Once you are done with all research and search process, make a long tail keyword and insert them into the content. Long-tail keywords usually comprise of four or more words that have low search volume. Also, they contain hundreds of different searches and convert better than short keywords. For instance, people searching for only ‘dress’ might don’t want to purchase. However, people seeking for affordable dresses practically can buy it.
So, those were some of the pro tips to help you choose the first keyword.

Conclusion :

If you have a business, then you might be having a website. But, the point is, whether you are investing in SEO or not, you should! Do you know how significantly, SEO affects your business? You can increase your visibility, and make your business a brand. It will help you in building credibility and will even enhance your overall marketing ROI. In fact, it can also drive offline sale! Well, if you have a website, then you must seek search engine optimisation services in order to take your business to the next level.

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