How Responsive web design makes difference in mobile browsing?

How Responsive web design makes difference in mobile browsing?

Ever since the launch of smartphones, the way people search the web has completely changed.

Gone are the days when people were dependent on their desktop computers for exploring some sort of information. Nowadays getting information on a specific topic will only take a few seconds as the smartphones can be utilized on the go.

Keeping this in view, it becomes important that the websites which are designed are responsive in nature. The below-mentioned points will showcase how responsive web design will have a positive impact on mobile browsing.

Consistent User Experience

Having a responsive web design will enable an individual to have the same browsing experience on mobile that he had on a desktop or a laptop. All the important components of a website that are viewable on a large screen computer can be viewed easily on a small screen mobile screen. This will ensure that the users have an awesome browsing experience and no component of the design is compromised in displaying the content on a small screen. By providing a good browsing experience the users are definitely going to have positive opinions about a website.

Flexibility of Content

A responsive website is flexible and supports all the screen sizes and resolutions. All the content and the pages of the website will open in a very fluid manner so that the users don't face any kind of issues while browsing. Due to the flexible nature of the content and the pages, a user will have to indulge in minimum scrolling and resizing. This will make the entire experience of viewing the content of a website an optimal one. Earlier a number of websites suffered as they were not responsive and the users have a pretty bad experience while scrolling and resizing a website.

No Need For Separate Website

There is no need to design a separate website for a mobile device as a responsive website will automatically adjust to the screen of all sizes. The development cost that is associated with the website will also be less as a single website will be sufficient for all devices. This will prove to be cost effective as there is no need to develop of maintaining a separate website. Managing a responsive website also proves to be quite easy. Also, running an SEO campaign on a single website is much more desirable than two separate websites.

Highly Scalable

As newer devices get launched almost every month it becomes necessary that the website is able to comfortably run on them. With responsive web design, there is a high possibility that a website that runs smoothly on the older devices will support the newer ones as well. Talking about today's market, newer devices keep on getting launched of different sizes. A responsive website will not face any kinds of issues from any of the latest devices and make the users view the website in the best possible manner. Therefore, it can be said that a responsive website is future proof as there will be no major changes that the website would require especially for few years down the line.

Google Also Recommends Responsive Design

Responsive design

Responsive websites are preferred by Google as it is quite easy for it in the crawling, indexing and organizing of the content. A responsive website has the same HTML and a single URL which is the main reason behind it. Users are also able to share, link and interact with the content of a website that has a single URL rather than the content that is present on the mobile version. As Google is one of the most popular search engines that are present out there it becomes necessary that every website design is done by keeping the Google algorithms in mind.

Negates The Need For Platform Specific Apps

The main reason behind the tremendous popularity of smartphones is the numerous apps that are available on the respective stores of the different OS platforms. However, developing independent apps for the different platforms will result in significant costs for the businesses. One economical and best solution would be to develop a responsive website which would run seamlessly on all the devices. This would help in keeping the development low and also not comprising a fraction of user experience. Just by developing a single responsive website you will be able to cater a much wider audience irrespective of the devices they own.


The above-mentioned points prove that having a respective web design has become an utmost necessity. In the end, all you want is to give your customers an awesome web browsing experience. There is no point in developing a website that gives headaches to the users while navigating it. As smartphones have become the most preferred devices that are present out there it becomes necessary that all website design is done by keeping these in mind. This proves that responsive web design is an important part of the web design.

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