5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website in 2020

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website in 2020

Today's internet era is more about having a mobile-friendly website that is easy to access and control.

Almost 91% percent of the population is accessing the smartphones not only as an entertainment source but also for marking all the things in hands to optimize their life.
Mobiles are something where most of the online actions are performed daily. And if you don't have a user-friendly website, then probably, you're going to lose your potential customers.
Moreover, the biggest search engine Google also focuses on running the websites which are easy to access.
Thus, by keeping the importance of a mobile-friendly website in this article, we are going to explain the five most compelling reasons to let you know why you need a mobile-friendly website in 2020.

#1 Mobile Dependency of Customers

Nowadays, mobile replaces the desktop because it is easy to access from anywhere. People do not need to sit in front of a desktop to search for anything or work online. And this became the foremost reason to have a mobile-friendly website.
Some statistics also show that almost 60% of the website traffic is gained from mobile devices. And our majority of the population also depends upon the mobile devices for accessing anything from searching to purchasing.
Therefore, if you want to scale up your website to rank as user-friendly, you need to take the help of experts like web design company at an affordable price range.

#2 Google Loves to Favor Mobile Friendly Websites

The majority of websites would not be able to pass the test of Google algorithms because these websites are not mobile-friendly. Google especially favors those websites which are mobile-friendly and rank them up in the search engine.
You can check your website by using Google's mobile-friendly tool by entering your domain in the device. If it is not able to pass the test, that means your website is not user-friendly.
Don’t need to worry if your website doesn’t pass the test because companies for website design help you in passing the test as well as mark your website as user-friendly.
Google search engine always makes accessible those websites that are having a mobile-friendly version of their website. So, always assure that you correctly match with the Google search engine ranking.

#3 Keep you ahead from Competition

Recently, in a survey conducted on online market analysis, it was clear that almost 60% of commercial websites were let down by the Google search engine because of mobile-unfriendliness.
And your top competitors also have the potential to keep you behind in the competition, eventually, you will lose your position too. A mobile-friendly website is something which helps you in staying ahead from the competition and make you successfully take a top-most place in Google ranking.
Thus, by making your website mobile-friendly, you will be able to gain the top-rank of Google and stand upright from the massive competition. Also, we are familiar with the thing that the majority of website holders don't know how to make their website mobile-friendly.
Therefore, they always need to hire some experts in website development, which will help them in making their website user-friendly and keep them away from the competition.

#4 Mobile Friendly Website enhances your Visibility on Search Engine

One of the compelling reasons for having a mobile-friendly website is that you can easily attract your audience. This is because people love to explore the site, which is easy to navigate and ranks top on the search engine. Sometimes if your website is not accessible or taking a long time to open, then your audience immediately cut off from your website.
Thus, by enhancing your website visibility on the Google search engine, you will be able to improve your business. Furthermore, a responsive website grabs the eyes of the visitors quickly, and they're more likely to share them on their social media platforms too.
A responsive mobile-friendly website is a better way of ranking themselves on the search engine to improve the visibility. Therefore, to make your website ready to access from the mobile devices, you need to have a skilled web design & Ottawa SEO company for achieving greater clarity.

#5 Improves Connectivity with Consumers

The digital era makes it possible to interact with your audience and turn them into potential customers in a digital way. And here, a mobile-friendly website helps in connecting you with your viewers in a better way.
Moreover, a mobile-friendly site allows the users to quickly navigate to the website and find the contact address easily without making many efforts.
Your audience only needs to click on to your website and it connects you instantly with them. This is also the first step in generating leads in better ways.


Now, you are quite familiar with the five most crucial compelling reasons for having a mobile-friendly website. Not only this, but a mobile-friendly website also helps in improving your business and scale it up to a visible height.

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Filip Bartos
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