4 Best Android App Development Frameworks for App Developers

4 Best Android App Development Frameworks for App Developers

With a large number of mobile users in this world, the need for mobile compatible websites and apps have significantly gone up in the last couple of years. No one wants to sit at the desktop or a laptop and want everything on their smartphones within a few clicks.

For app developers, there is always a challenge to build a good one that has all the appropriate options needed by the company, is easy-to-use for the customers, better than that of the competitors and more.
Here is a list of some of the best frameworks that are quite popular these days:

Corona SDK

This one is a cross-platform framework used for creating apps for both mobile and desktop. It works on LUA which is a quick and lightweight programming language used for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Desktop and more. It is a free and easy-to-use framework that even offers the feature of checking the app preview during the process of development. You can also take the benefit of the live testing option to see how your app is performing.


It is another popular option that is commonly used for Android app creation these days. It is used to create native mobile apps and responsive versions of web apps for desktops and other screens. One of the best advantages of using this app is that the applied changes are instantly reflected on all platforms. So, you do not have to wait for long to see whether the difference looks good or performs well or not. The framework offers various functionalities like surveys, message pop-ups, inputs, examinations and more. Another advantage of using TheAppBuilder is that it can easily be incorporated with Google Play. Thus, once your Android app is ready, you can quickly release it to make it available for a broad audience through Google Play.

Adobe PhoneGap

Being a framework of open-source distribution of Cordova, Adobe PhoneGap offers the advantage of using the technology created by a diverse and experienced team of professionals. A robust developer community is continuously working at the backend to ensure that the end-users of the framework do not face much difficulty while creating their app. It even offers access to PhoneGap toolset, which allows you to use some essential development tools to develop your mobile app faster. There is no need of having any native SDKs as you are working on a cloud, and your app will always be using up-to-date techniques. The framework even offers you the Hydration feature, which allows you to find out the errors in your app faster to save your time and resources. You can also use the build cycle feature on the framework which builds the newer versions faster and ensures that the updates are pushed to all the testers and users. So, everyone will be working on the latest version of the app, which is always better than the previous version.

React Native

React Native is another popular framework that is used by various android app development companies. One of the best things about using React Native is that you can use it on your existing Android base eliminating the need for any additional application or preparation. The applications so created will be utilizing similar local stage APIs, and UI as most of the other apps do making it easy not just for the developers but also for the end-users. Multiple changes can be reflected simultaneously over different platforms through the mechanism of stages in React Native. The local UI building squares will let you check the images, text and more quickly while you want to check the functioning of the app, thus, saving your time. Since it is working using JavaScript, you do not have to worry about learning any additional language if you want to create an app using React Native.
So, if you are looking for mobile app development services, you have a list of some of the most popular options that will not disappoint you. Pick the one that works on the language or mechanism that you are comfortable with and start developing.

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