9 Mobile App Design Tips for a World-Class User Experience

9 Mobile App Design Tips for a World-Class User Experience

Need a good reach? Go mobile. Want to improve your brand’s visibility? Get onto the mobile. Want to enhance your user base? Create a mobile app.

Having a mobile presence and dominating the avenue is single-most probable solution of getting more users, and improving your conversions.
However, it is not enough to devise a good mobile solution or idea; you need to make it interactive, usable and even experiential if you want to achieve your goals.
App crash can cause up to 71% uninstall.
58 percent of users are frustrated by interface inconsistencies while, 52 percent of users are frustrated by overall app performance.
This shows the importance of interactive design that enable experience in the users.
When designing a mobile app, you need to bear in mind the intuitiveness of the users, as well as the experience they are looking for. Here are a few tips that should help you command an excellent user experience.

Take the users into consideration

For any design to offer the right level of experience, it is important for the design to consider the end users. If you don’t direct your audiences to an experience they would prefer, you might not get the chance to convert or even reach the maximum number of people.

  • Understand what is the experience that the users are looking for. Know how they experience an app, and what makes them want to give up on the app.
  • You can take a survey of the people you consider your target market, and then understand how they use the app, what kind of apps they use, and prepare the learning curve for your app.

Keep it simple and easy

The first thing that frustrates any user is the app’s complexity. The design complexity is something that no user is willing to consider.
Your app should not only be easy to use, but also give out a user friendly appearance. White space is indicative of how nice and easy it is to use the app. Similarly, when it comes to properly sized buttons, well-defined hierarchy, you will get maximum users to download the app.
Minimize the app’s interface. don’t add too many things thinking it will make the app usable. Keep features that are required on the screen. Add functionality that syncs with the users.

Avoid being text intensive

Your app should be creative and should talk more with the use of images as against text. The users don’t spend a lot of time to understand how to use your app or, read through the messages that you have lined up for them. They have just about the time to understand the things and start using the app.
You need to engage the app users with minimal text and maximum images. Make sure you use images that connect with the users. The idea is to offer a quality experience through skimming and gestures.

Follow through the app store guidelines

The Apple store and the Google Play store have their set of guidelines that you need to follow if you want to improve the quality of your app. Along with the design guidelines, there are certain standards that they have mentioned. If you don’t follow them, you might not be able to get through the store, and win the users.
Before beginning the development of the app, start with reading through these standards, and plan out how you will implement them. Focus on the review criteria, as that will get you more views and better following.

Designs should tell the story

It is not just the content that needs to be drafted in a way that it can tell the story, but also the designs. It should communicate the brand’s story and should resonate with the audience. To deliver an equivocal experience to the users, make sure you incorporate designs that say a lot about who your brand is, where it came from, and how it will make your audience’s experiences better.
When you have illustrations in your design, it becomes easy to grab the user base.

Colors that tell weave a tale

When you are designing, it is the view that people want to see, and your view should be worth millions. However, it is not possible to give a beautiful design as the end outcome, if you have not woven it with brilliant colours.
It is important to choose a pallet of bold and neutral colours so that there is a balance in the mobile app design. You need to make sure that the colours for the font, background, and graphics are chosen in a way that they sync with each other.
Understand the brand’s colours and how you can use the pallet you are planning with the brand’s choice of colours for the best results.

Go Responsive with your design

It is not necessary that
your audience will open your mobile app on a screen of the same size. Some people may own a 5” screen size mobile while a few others will open it in a mobile with 4” screen size. You need to create designs that appear the same despite the screen size of the mobile.
A responsive design will give a seamless experience to the mobile app users. When designing a mobile app, don’t forget to be responsive and consider the different mobile screens, OS and form factors.

Keep security in mind

When interacting with mobile app, users tend to share a lot of their data. These transactions are recorded locally on the device as well as on the mobile app. It is therefore important to layer your app with security. You need to plan your app in a way that it can avoid the security breaches, and people find it reliable to use. You should ideally monitor all the security issues, and incorporate the security plans very carefully.

Incorporate all the latest trends

When designing an app for the users, you should always keep up with the current trends. You will know which ones are to be included in your app, and which ones can be avoided. Something like an AR, if it adds to your mobile’s strength, should become a part of your app. Similarly, if there are some security trends that you need to incorporate then don’t shy away from the same. The app, if it is in sync with the latest trends, will be more usable and functional.

Summing up

Mobile app design should be consistent. If you have a particular type of font and color on the first page, make sure you maintain it through the app. Consistency will make the users interested in your app, and give your app more visibility and reach.
Apart from consistency, you ought to keep the app updated. Make sure you introduce updates on regular intervals, and consistently work on improving the mobile app.
Standardize the brand user guidelines for the design, so that the end results are impressive and has the ability to convert. So, are you ready to incorporate the design best practices to get the best result?

Posted by Varsha Solanki

Varsha Solanki
Varsha Solanki is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Space-O Technologies, a mobile app development company . She has 3 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. She spends her time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest technologies.

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