10 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Web Traffic

10 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Web Traffic

When it comes to the digital world, marketers often feel perplexed by the thought of improving their web traffic. Not just through increasing of organic traffic, but also the thought of serving potential clients as efficient and effective as possible.

That only means, we think of a way or strategies or tools to use that can outperform our competitors.

But sometimes, most marketers forget that the most effective way to improve traffic is through simple marketing strategies. Although many of your competitors are also using common strategies, such as creating engaging contents and enhancing their web design Philippines, when done properly, then you can beat them and exceed your clients' expectations. Here's how:


Advertising your website is a common technique marketer use, yet it is one of the most effective ways to let your target audience know your site exist. However, you need to target higher commercial intent keywords as part of your paid search strategies, if you want to have higher quality traffic. Yes, you may encounter a lot of competitors, but putting your website on a paid advertisement can be worth it.

Get Social

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Creating great content is not enough. As a marketer, you also need to hit the social media. Social media is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website. You can use Twitter for short and snappy links, Google+ promotion can help your website show up in personalized search results. Using of Google+ is also effective especially in B2B niches.

Mix It Up

There's no secret formula for improving your website. But as a marketer, you have to know the right technique in achieving the desirable outcome. That means you have to try different strategies to make your website as appealing as possible.

Write Irresistible Headlines

One of the most important parts of your content is the headlines. Make sure to create a unique and irresistible headlines where your target audience would be interested in reading your article. When you have this on your website, sooner or later, your target audience would also be your potential client.

Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

Without the help of SEO, your website may not succeed. Optimizing your content for search engines is one of the effective strategies marketers are using. Keep in mind that using SEO as your strategy is one way to help boost your organic traffic.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

If you want to get a high commercial intent keyword bases covered, then it is time for you to use long-tail keywords. This is where your website would get a majority of web searches. However, if you are not using this strategy, then you're missing out.

Start Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on a reputable site is one way to increase your blog traffic to your website. Guest posting/blogging can also help build brand awareness. However, keep in mind that there are standards for guest blogging. That means you have to proceed with caution.

Invite Others To Guest Blog on Your Site

Guest blogging or posting is a two-way process. Apart from posting articles to other blogs, invite marketers in your niche to blog on your own site as well. It is in this way where they will likely to share and link to their guest article, which will eventually bring new readers to your site.

Go After Referral Traffic

Marketers should not waste time trying to persuade other sites to link back to your website. Instead, create compelling content that attracts others marketers and begs to be linked to. That means you have to learn the types of links that sends lots of referral traffic, and how you can get them.

Post Content to LinkedIn

When it comes to social media, LinkedIn is a reliable platform for increasing your website's traffic. It is one of the world's largest professional social network where marketers publish their content. Doing so is also one way to boost traffic to your site, as well as increase your profile within the industry.

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Mark Joshua Santos

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