Top 5 Pillars of Website Design that Impresses and Engages Your Target Audience

Top 5 Pillars of Website Design that Impresses and Engages Your Target Audience

“Have a business? Own a website too!” We are quite sure that you would have heard this statement somewhere. Have you ever thought whether it is true or not? Well, it’s true!

Creating a website for your business is a new way to expand your business worldwide. But, just owning a website is not going to do all that for you – it is just not enough. Business, as well as its site, needs constant pampering and attention as its worth is measured by the ability to not only engage but impress your potential audience.

A website not able to do complete these two tasks brings an idea in mind of not having a website at all. After spending time, sweat, money and efforts into creating a website, you would not want to paint your hands with failure. One of the critical components of a website is the design and layout. If it doesn’t go right, the failure of your website is clearly seen. Good web designs possess five key pillars. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Reflecting Brand’s Identity

A website is a sturdy and effective weapon to showcase your brand. But it's only possible when it’s design is appealing and reflecting the brand’s message in its entirety. Many web designers restrict branding with logo designing and color scheme but that’s not enough. You have to make sure that when visitors scroll through your website, they are able to see and feel the philosophy of your brand.

Respecting Visitor’s Time

A good website (from the fine web design perspective) never beats around the bush, instead, showcases its message loud and clear. They are always able to make their point effortlessly without wasting any time. The design plays a vital role in spreading message effectively. Another message that reaches the visitors is that “We have and we will respect your time. We never want you to waste even a second on something that is absolutely unnecessary so that you understand about our brand and business”.

Content: The King of the Industry

Most of you would be thinking that content means text that is written to get posted on your website. No, it’s not! In fact, content means everything that can be seen on a website – from good vocabulary text to high-resolution images of informative videos to all other visual and interactive elements on the site. Now, to make your site engaging, all this content needs to of high quality and relevant for your site. Using crisp and clear images on your site that are not related to your brand or text doesn’t make any sense!

On the other hand, if your images or text is able to explain the message of your brand more effectively, make it more impactful and highlight it as it engages as well as impresses users. So, whenever you think of building a site, make sure you are aware of your target audience. This will help in creating content and text right and relevant.

User Driven Design

Someone rightly said, “You never get to know about others unless you walk in their shoes”. While creating your website, you need to be in your customer’s/user’s shoes to know what will be likeable and attractive. You have to think from a user perspective throughout the process as it’s the only way to leave an impression on them for a certain period of time.

So, finally! Here they are – five pillars. As a website developer or designer, you need to make sure that the site depicts the brand’s message clearly, represents your business and why it is made. By focusing on these things, you will be able to generate ROI effortlessly.

Posted by Sarthak Sharma

Sarthak Sharma
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