Do you want to buy new pc with windows 7?

Do you want to buy new pc with windows 7?

If you'd like to do that, think again. Because Microsoft decided to block updates for newer CPU versions.

According to latest patch release from Microsoft , KB 4012982, users won't be able to receive windows updates if they are still using Windows 7 & 8.1 (8 included) with newer CPU processor generation such as :

  • Intel seventh (7th)-generation processors
  • AMD "Bristol Ridge"
  • Qualcomm "8996"

Users that try to run windows updates will receive an error message notifying them that their CPU is not supported or a Code 8024003 error (unknown error).

Sneaky sale?

Of course, this means that Ryzen - long awaited CPU from AMD will also be unsupported by "older" Windows operating systems. This is a sneaky move from Microsoft. Windows 7 is "officially" suported untill 2020. according to Windows lifecycle fact sheet . But, it seems their "fact sheet" isn't so factual at all. 

Windows 10 "free" upgrade ended July 29, 2016. And, really - it was FREE. But only the upgrade, after some time you needed to buy licence or go back to Windows 7 (or 8-8.1) . And how things are currently looking, you'll have to buy Windows 10 to fully use 7th generation's ( or later ) CPUs. This means that you have to spend either 119 $ or 199$ for new OS.

AMD & Intel feedback

What makes this confusing is that AMD itself has gone back and forth on the Windows 7/8.1 support question. Last summer, the company confirmed that its Bristol Ridge chipset wouldn’t support any Microsoft OS but Windows 10. Later, the company backtracked on that claim, saying it would release drivers for the OS. AMD has made it clear to us that these releases aren’t formally supported. As we've previously discussed, you probably can continue to shove older versions of Windows on to newer platforms, but as time passes, the number of hoops you'll have to jump through to get everything working is only going to grow.

Intel’s Skylake was originally only going to support Windows 7 and 8.1 for 18 months, but Microsoft eventually walked that claim back before dumping the idea altogether. Nevertheless, they’ve always said that Bristol Ridge, Kaby Lake, and Qualcomm 8996 or above would always require Windows 10.


To be honest, there aren't many. As we all know Mac's are overpriced - you can get better ( more powerfull ) PC if you custom build it by yourself.

Linux is a free alternative and they are getting better in each release. But that is a topic for another article..

Meanwhile, Microsoft benefits. The company is all but guaranteeing that the future will be bright for Windows 10, since all PC makers will be shipping products that can only work on the platform. It's a critical component for the company as it works to reach 1 billion Windows 10 devices worldwide. As of this writing, Microsoft has over 250 million Windows 10 devices running worldwide.

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