You Should Know: This is the Ultimate Guide about Dofollow and Nofollow

You Should Know: This is the Ultimate Guide about Dofollow and Nofollow

Whenever there is a discussion about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), nofollow and dofollow are common and mentioned frequently.

Both words hold the same level of importance like SEO. There are still people who don't know the function of dofollow and nofollow. So, this article will explain further each function and the underlying difference between them.

What is a Dofollow Link?

Link dofollow

Dofollow link is a type of link that can improve the ranking potentially. Also, the website will be credible in Google. Any links that lead to another website are dofollow links. The pass link juice directly to a page, then it helps increase Page Ranking. It also increases the profile to search engines.

Every link is default as dofollow, and link that doesn't contain Rel=”Nofollow” attribute is a dofollow. Also, dofollow links are the most powerful links for different websites and most vital to webmasters.

For further understanding, let’s have an example. In an instance, two posts may have similar subjects but were posted on different sites. These two articles are full of useful information, well-presented, and are of high quality. But, one of the articles contains hundreds of natural links that leads to external sites, while the other only contains two. In this situation, the search engine will rank the post with hundreds of natural links higher compared to the lesser one.

The more natural dofollow links a page has, the higher are the chances for it to rank online. Dofollow links are like signposts. They are leading people to search engines of other sites.

What is a NoFollow Link?

Link nofollow

Jason Shellen and Matt Cutts introduced the nofollow concept in 2005. Nofollow link is a type of link that helps in increasing site traffic only. However, it doesn’t rank in search engines.

Nofollow links can only increase the traffic of a site but don't do much in increasing page’s ranking in search engines. For some reason the search engine will show a nofollow sign and it will indicate that the search engine will not index in a particular link.

It is also an HTML attribute used to direct any search engine bots that the hyperlink must not influence the ranking of link target in a search engine’s index. The purpose is to reduce the productivity of definite types of search engine spam. So, it helps in improving the quality of results from a search engine. Also, it prevents spam in the index that happens ahead.


There is a difference between dofollow and nofollow links. And it is better for a site to have a balanced nofollow and dofollow links. Even if dofollow links offer more to SEO, but each is worth to have an earned place in online marketing strategy.

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