Video Is Now The New King: Taking Into Account The New SEO Dynamics

Video Is Now The New King: Taking Into Account The New SEO Dynamics

It wasn't that long ago that mobiles have grown a lot, shedding an impact that has dramatically changed the entire marketing landscape. So what’s the next huge thing that may revolutionize the marketplace? There is a pretty good argument why it is video.

With Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, videos have already made up 64 percent of the whole internet traffic, and it is seen to grow at scorching 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2019. E marketer had also reported an estimated $7.77 billion to be spent on videos for advertising and marketing this year.

Perhaps, the reason for such rapid growth associated with video advertising is its efficacy. A video worth so much more than a picture that is worth a thousand words. In fact, Forester had estimated that one minute of a video equates to 1.8 million words of text. Technically, the efficiency of videos goes beyond volume. Even when a whole lot of idea are crammed into one message, videos can be easily remembered.

However, it will be worthy to note that even the best video is of no use unless it can be easily found. Below are some of the most helpful ideas about how to exhaust videos in improving your SEO efforts and how to get these videos easily found by your target market.

Video Integration

The existence of video itself will affect the most crucial SEO ranking factor - the content. Videos can be an ideal evidence of content quality as a part of media mix on a particular site. It helps in signaling the search engines that a certain page of your site contains some rich media relevant to the search queries from the users.

It is seen that the search engines will more likely to continue to elevate the ranking factor of including videos on site pages as consumers today are more likely to demand videos in the search results. Thus, incorporating videos on your site may greatly help in boosting your SERP’s ranking.

Proper Keyword Labels

The same as how you would label pictures and other graphics in your site’s pages, it will be necessary to provide relevant information to your videos. This includes the use of keywords in the fields that describe your videos such as in titles, descriptions, file names, and tags. With this means, you can ensure that the relevance of your video to the search results is vivid for the search engines.

Video Transcript

Putting a transcript with the audio portion of your video will help improve its findability and will add additional support on its relevance to the search requests posed by the users.

Video Sitemap

While the information on the sitemap of your video might duplicate some keyword labels utilized in identifying the video, but still it's a separate process. Video sitemaps are in fact an extension to the entire sitemap of your web property. Some of the metadata that can be customized may include duration, view count, rating, whether the video can be embedded, age and other crucial information.

Video Optimization

Google seems to be particular about page performance in its algorithm. The loading period of a page affects user experience, meaning, it also affects SEO. Indeed, it will be necessary for you to make sure that your videos are optimized to have it SEO friendly.

Social Signals

Having more people to view or like your video is a great signal to search engines about the value of your content. So make sure it’s interesting in the eyes of your audience. This will increase your chance of getting found and driving good traffic to your site.

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