7 Ways to Optimize your Video Content for SEO in 2019

7 Ways to Optimize your Video Content for SEO in 2019

Without a doubt, video is an imperative component of digital marketing.

From demonstrating how products work to deliver the high-impact statement that can close a sale, video remains one of the most effective channels for disseminating your brand and its message. But did you know? A video can also significantly boost your search engine optimization.
Crucial to any SEO strategy is making your brand visible among a fresh new audience. When you rank first or at least at the top five search results, you can generate tons of new website traffic and boost your overall website performance. Today, Google and other search engines prioritize content with videos due to their high engagement rate.
So in this article, we feature some practical and powerful practices you should know and apply to get you started with optimizing your video content.

Identify Keywords that Video Surfers Search For and Compete for These

Optimize keywords

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, incorporating video on your posts or pages can help it rank higher in search results. Not only that, but they also help boost engagement and significantly reduce bounce back rates. These signal Google that your post satisfied your visitor’s queries.
Just like an article, a video should also identify and target a specific keyword. This keyword should reflect what people are searching for online. If you notice, some posts’ videos appear on Google’s carousel. These usually connect to YouTube. That means you should also have a YouTube channel.

Include High-Impact Videos on Critical Pages to Increase Time Spent

Video SEO is more than just applying practices to rank high on search results. For most starters, video SEO is merely appearing on top results on YouTube or Google’s video tab. However, it is more on how to use your video to boost the SEO of your website’s primary pages.
Integrating compelling videos on main pages can significantly increase the traffic’s time on page. That improves your domain authority with Google. For example, if a new reader lands on your site and stays for at least five minutes (because he watched some great videos), Google will automatically rank you higher.
Also, videos provide a substantial source of fresh content for topping search results. That is why it matters to transcribe your audio text and include that information on the meta description portion of your page. In that way, Google will index your page and help you rank better for your target keywords.

Pour Your Efforts in Addressing your Customer’s Problems/Needs

Address Customers Problems

Providing solutions to your customer’s pain points is one of the best ways to make the most out of SEO. Google ranks content which deliberately responds to queries and produces value. That is why make sure your video works to solve your customer’s pain points. That will also help increase repeat customers to the point that they will market your product or service. From mere users, they become testimonies of the value your content provided to them.

Syndicate Your Video in different places

The impact of a video on search results can be seen from some angles:

  • Videos boost traffic engagement, which is going to grow continuously as a sign with Rankbrain.
  • Videos should syndicate to channels like YouTube serve as an additional medium to attract traffic.
  • Videos that promotes trust and positivity can significantly impact conversion rates.

Concerning SEO, here are two primary techniques that you can adopt to improve your site’s performance.

  • Use a Video Sitemap. Google’s algorithm chooses videos over non-video content. There is just a slight difference, though. That is why consider embedding a video in a new page so you’ll get a better chance of having your page indexed. That is crucial if you are operating at scale.
  • Video serves as the starting content type. It is essential to consider how many various places you can syndicate your video. Surely, it can connect to YouTube and link back to your specific website post with that same video incorporated. However, the video’s transcription is valuable text content and that the video’s splices may be useful for sharing on social media snippets. Still, you can consider sharing the images from the video on Twitter while you may reuse the audio on a Soundcloud podcast.

Transcribe Your Video for Google to Index It

Many successful online entrepreneurs integrated videos on every site they create, including ecommerce platforms. These sites make it easier to offer products that are typically difficult to visualize without a video. Relatively, videos do not only demonstrate to prospects how to use a product but subsequently convert them merely visitors to rabid customers.
Take note, however, that for Google or other search engines to index your video content, consider offering a transcript. That helps draw more traffic to your site.

Begin With a Goal in Mind

Any marketing strategy, including content strategy, is bound to fail without a solid and well-thought plan. Similarly, how video impacts SEO depends on your goals when integrating a video in your digital campaign and which platform you choose. The best SEO option so far is YouTube and Google owns it so, its two giants working together for your favor.
Unfortunately, YouTube has limitations in terms of linking to your blog for conversion. Therefore, it’s best to use video by re-syndicating it across various platforms and integrating an omni-channel marketing approach. For instance, you can utilize YouTube to lay the basic SEO best practices. But don’t forget to link and highlight the embedded video on your site. That helps improve click-through and conversions.

Make Sure Your Video Engages Your Target Customers

Engage Target Customers

The main reason why you should place a video on a page or a post is because you want to heighten the amount of time of traffic on your website. After all, Google considers time as a primary factor to determine your ranking status on search results. The more engaging your content, the more likely your audience will watch until the end. Of course, many will also consider reading the entire post where the video is embedded. That means a lot to your SEO ranking.

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