Is WordPress the most cost effective and efficient platform for website development for beginners?

Is WordPress the most cost effective and efficient platform for website development for beginners?

Website development is a tricky job, and simple problems can change the outlook of your webpage.

WordPress is one of the most common website development platforms for web design. It is used by roughly 50% of the world's top websites. Even though a lot of Houston web design experts use it, for someone who is starting their career in web design or is sitting at home wishing to create a website for their business, WordPress is usually the go-to option. Here are ways in which you can see if WordPress is efficient and cost-effective for beginners:

  • Beginners typically look for easier interfaces and simple solutions to any complications they face. Even though WordPress does enable its users to customise their webpages, it is complicated for beginners and troubleshooting is a problem. Walk-through guides don't work in a one shoe fits all mechanism. It becomes tough to find solutions for individualised webpage problems. The downtime that is faced can be costly for your business. This also reduces the efficiency at which your webpage would operate by a great deal.
  • Cost for beginners is a greater problem. With low capital, beginners always look to find the best value for money. While the downtime as mentioned above reduces cost-effectiveness, there are other issues as well. WordPress offers over 40,000 plugins for different specifics on websites. Customers have a wide variety to choose from and make their website different from others. This is a double-edged sword because these plugins operate independently and aren't consistent with other plugins, causing inconsistency in your website. Secondly, these plugins are quite costly. You might end up paying exuberant amounts for something as simple as SEO or a site performance fix.
  • WordPress uses an open-source structure, which means that your websites code is accessible to other programmers to adapt and learn from. This opens a lot of room for security threats. Programmers, while looking at your code can also see how the security of the website is operated, which can make it easier for the site to be compromised. The positive that open-source structure has is that it enables efficiency by letting already existing code be copied from one site to another, making it easier to avoid complications. Beginners can use this to quickly set up a website that they wouldn't have been able to set up otherwise.
  • Lastly, WordPress has been renowned for slow load times. This happens due to excess plugins and a lot of generic code that causes data to flow slower. Since beginners have a hard time identifying simple problems, this is a rather technical issue and can cause a lot more problems for the webpage. These problems may include potential users to avoid the website. Furthermore, Google now ranks websites based on their load time. So slower load times could mean your website shows up later on searches.

While WordPress is an efficient and simple platform to create websites. The complications it faces can cause beginners to have trouble creating good content using WordPress so an expert opinion can go a long way.

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