Understand Bounce Rate and Learn How to Reduce It

Understand Bounce Rate and Learn How to Reduce It

Do you think that you know everything about the bounce rate? No, many of you do not know the truth about the bounce rate.

What you know may not be enough to get the right bounce rate your website must-have. In addition to this, you must also know how to reduce it if you are experiencing a high bounce rate. At the same time, it is important to know how to improve website engagement.

You might have heard many people discussing the importance of having a low bounce rate. But, do you know that the bounce rate is one of the important aspects of SEO that is misunderstood many times. It is due to either you don’t know what exactly it is or you are taking it lightly as other SEO metrics.

Here, you will learn what is bounce rate as well as what things you need to consider reducing the bounce rate? If you are new to the SEO concept and are unaware of how to manage your bounce rate, then it is a good idea to take the help of the Melbourne based SEO agency to get the right bounce rate to your website pages.

What is the bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage when a visitor visits a particular page in your website and leaves it without taking any action or visiting other pages within the website.

If you think it is as simple as that, let’s get it in-depth and know more about the bounce rate.

How to calculate the bounce rate?

The bounce rate is calculated in a number of ways. There are three ways to look at this metric. These include:

Page level bounce rate

It is calculated as the total number of bounces in a particular date range divided by the total number of page views in the same date range.

Sitewide bounce rate

It is calculated as the total number of bounces of all the pages of a website in a particular date range divided by the total number of page views on all the pages of the website in the same date range.

Segmented bounce rate

It is calculated as the total number of bounces on all the pages of a website in a particular date range divided by the total number of page views on all the pages on a particular selection of pages of a website in the same date range.

If you are still confused in understanding the concept of bounce rate, then let’s have a simple example for it.

Suppose you are on a homepage of a website and left without any action or visiting other pages of a website. This means the bounce rate at this activity will be 100%.

Suppose you are on a homepage and visit another page, then the bounce rate for that particular session will be 0%.

Hope, this will help you understand it in a better way.

Experiencing High Bounce Rate? Let’s learn how to reduce the bounce rate

Are you worried about a consistent increase in the bounce rates of your site? Actually, there are several factors that affect bounce rates. Learn below given effective methods that not only enable your website to reduce bounce rates but also work effectively in improving conversions and sales.

Make pages loading time fast

No-one will wait long for loading your pages. So, to grab the attention of visitors, the website pages must be loaded quickly. From the users’ point of view, fast loading is very important. Otherwise, the user will think of bouncing, and hence it will affect Google’s mobile ranking as well.

Give all information that visitor looking for

Make sure your website gives all the essential information to the visitors they are looking for. This factor plays a more significant part in e-commerce sites than other sites. The products or services you are offering to customers must have enough information to fulfill their all needs; otherwise, they will jump to other sites for what they want.

Should not include pop-ups and unwanted ads

You might have seen several sites containing a number of pop-ups and unwanted ads. It is also a reason that makes visitors quickly drop your page and visit other sites to avoid such annoying things. They prefer clicking the back button as they reach your site. So, you must avoid it to stop increasing the bounce rate.

Must perform internal linking

Internal linking is considered the best way to involve users through the site by providing interesting information or content relevant to their search. It helps in keeping your visitors on the site for longer, thus reduces the bounce rates.

Must have an impressive website design

The very first impression of your site when a user visit is its design. No doubt, your ranking, marketing strategies, content, tweets, or search results may influence the users to make a click, but non-attractive or bad design can become a reason for leaving it within seconds. The website design must convey professionalism, skills, trust, and dedication.

Create easy-to-read and digest articles/content

Just creating any article or content with a few paragraphs is not enough. It must give readers a reason to read and consume. If you include proper headings, sub-headings, bullets, images, and charts, your content will seem more appealing. Your content must deliver everything by just making one look at it. Melbourne based SEO agency can assist in creating easy to understand and unique content for your website.

Use an easy-to-use site search option for easy navigation

Don’t make a site that makes users difficult to search for the desired information. Make sure to include a site search option for visitors. In e-commerce sites, the users of site search are more likely to become a customer. Also, some users prefer a site search to minimize their navigation time. You must give easy, clear, and reliable navigation to the users.

Make a clear call to action buttons

Whatever purpose your site has, make sure to add ‘calls to action’ buttons that can easily be seen by the users. Whether it is ‘buy a product’, ‘contact us’, ‘get a quote’, ‘order now’, ‘add to cart’, or any action, they must be clear to eyes when the user will scan around the pages. You can choose a different color, size, shape, etc. for these actions.

Final Words

You must practice these methods to make visitors enable enjoying their stay at your site. To make this easier and stress-free, it is advised to get the guidance of Melbourne based SEO agency to enjoy the real benefits of bounce rate.

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