Top Five Reasons to choose Responsive Web Design for your Business

Top Five Reasons to choose Responsive Web Design for your Business

Web designs have always been a vital part of the entire web development activity. For any website to become attractive, web designs play the key role. One cannot receive several visitors for your website unless one is using trendy web designs. When the internet was launched, websites were not more than static posters being displayed on the computer screen.

Over a period of 2 decades, the web industry has massively evolved and has transformed the static face of websites into full-fledged dynamic web applications. With the course of time, several technologies have been introduced in the web market and have nurtured the entire web industry. Rising technologies have played a vital role in giving rise to changing web designing trends.

Dynamicity of the web pages has got whole new meaning today, and it is completely different from the one it had back then.  As several web designing trends are rising, the complexity of designing the business websites keeps on growing. With several people embracing the internet readily, and a number of hybrid devices evolving in the field of computers and electronics, the practice of using ‘Responsive Web Design’ is becoming popular.

Web designing is in full boom, after several open source technologies have emerged. They have helped individuals to build elegant websites. With rising diversity among the technologies used, Web Developers in Canada and in rest of world are now switching towards the use of browser friendly web designing techniques. Responsive Web Design is the popular practice of implementing the browser friendly web designing technology.

For any web developer, a Responsive Web Design is a design which is made to adjust to any platform and any device. It may be a smart phone; it may be a tablet computer; it may be a computer; and it will adjust to any screen size, irrespective of the platform used.

Following are the 5 main reasons why you should choose the Responsive Web Design for designing your business website

1. Ease of accessibility

Traditional web designs are not known to be browser friendly as compared to the modern web designs. There are complaints, wherein a website appears completely fine in a certain browser, and appears entirely distorted in another browser. Further, the same website is known to miss many components in the mobile browser, or has been reported of not loading at all. Web Developers in Canada says this is a major turn off for the customer, who tries to access the website using his smartphone or tablet. With RWD, one is able to achieve uniform layout on any platform, irrespective of the screen size. This helps in improving the accessibility of the website, and helps in retaining the customer.

2. Ease of development

Due to several web designing tools on the rise, it has become easy to develop a website using the Responsive Web Design. For any Web Developer in Toronto to design a traditional website, one needs to code the entire layout from scratch and needs to test it on several web browsers. At times, the compatibility between the browsers cannot be achieved, and hence one needs to compromise on the web layouts. By choosing responsive websites, one can go for a liquid layout which can be developed based on proportions. Extensive testing for browser compatibility is not needed, and the development time reduces significantly. This has been known to save the cost of development.

3. SEO friendly

For a business website to attract several visitors, it should be known over the internet. SEO and PPC campaigns are held for a website, in order to make it popular over the internet. Any Web Developer in Canada who is aware of the SEO practices, will say that a responsive designed website is considered to be a SEO friendly. It does not require punching in extra lines of code for achieving particular views and reduces the site load time. As extra chunks of code get reduced, search engines like Google, readily index the website and give it higher SEO ratings.

In fact, Google has recommended Webmasters and web designers to use Responsive Web Design for developing their business and ecommerce websites. Also, one does not require to do separate SEO work for the desktop website, and the mobile website.

4. Low memory consumption and faster loading speeds

Any Web Developer in Toronto will readily point out that the websites, which are designed using the responsive web technology, are known to load faster as compared to the traditional websites because a RWD is known to have fewer lines of code. Most of the code is reused, and the browser does not require interpreting long lines of code. So, the website loads faster, and consumes very less memory. Customers are attracted by fast loading websites as they make the navigation fast.

5. Ease of Upgrade

The biggest obstacle any business website can have is up gradation. Upgrade process completely changes the face of the website, and several features may become defunct, or may get deleted. Any Web Developer in Canada will surely say that websites designed using Responsive Web Design is easy to tweak and upgrade, and the functionality does not get disturbed.

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