The future of mobile app development in 2017

The future of mobile app development in 2017

Android and IOS mobile devices have become an integral part of human life. They are everywhere and with everyone.

This small portable device has become the most important instrument for communication, entertainment, online shopping, transportation, security, business and for anything that you can even imagine. People are addicted to it. They can’t imagine a single day without it. There has been a booming rise in smart phone sales in 2016. This is an advantage for mobile app development industries. Without mobile apps android and IOS mobile devices are useless. This is why mobile app development continues to flourish at a feverish rate. As mobile app development trends move from 2016 to 2017, it is predicted that the future of mobile app development will be on a higher scale. Mobile app developers expect to witness the continuing emergence of better and cutting-edge. Here are the few top trends that will impact the mobile app development industry in 2017.

Internet of Things (IOT) app integration will be on trend:

With IOT (internet of things) based apps one can get better facilities and access several things at home. Many sectors like: health, education, smart phones, automobiles, investment, baking, security and much more have started the experiment to integrate mobile apps with IOT devices. Developers should keep in mind that developing IOT mobile apps will be a good move in 2017. The internet of things (IOT) has been progressively increasing with lots of innovative things. It is spreading its wings worldwide and becoming stronger with time among other technologies. It is predicted that the Internet of Things (IOT) app integration will be the rising trend in 2017 and 2018.

GPS and location based apps will be on a boom:

Mobile app developers should keep in mind that developing GPS and location based apps will be a good move in 2017. GPS and location based apps with ease of use interface are in great demand today. It is predicted that the apps that will give users real-time information of a location and accessible amenities. They will be in demand not only in 2017 but also in 2018. So it is understood that there will be big competition in the app market for GPS and location based apps in 2017.The apps should have key feature like: location specific payment portals, mapping, navigation, food& restaurants locators, hotel locators, travel & tourism based apps that come handy while traveling. They should be easy to use. Following this trend would be most excellent decision for mobile app developers.

Bacon Technology will be important and improved in 2017:

Bacon technology is developed for the IOS devices but has become the most popular talk of the town for android users too. With this technology, you can get a number of opportunities like: live like a local in new cities, stay up to date to festivals, shows and featured events of a location. It helps to plan trips tours and easily track the last location. It is used to find the temperature of a place, detect any kinds of danger and more. Now Bacon technology is also available for android devices. Many mobile app developers and huge mobile tech companies have been started experiments on this technology. This technology would definitely be a good go for web developers in 2017.

Wearable apps will get more attention:

Smart watches are getting good responses from all over the world. Developing smart watch apps will be the main focus for mobile app developing companies. Many big technology tycoon companies have started building wearable apps. This trend will be followed in 2018 and 2019 too.

App developers should be ready for enterprises apps:

We are living in an era of business, here every business owner wants to maximize his profit, satisfy his customers and gain new customers. Due to this reason, mobile developers will have to put in more efforts to develop enterprises apps that generate revenue to the organization. It is predicted that enterprises apps will gain much more importance in 2017.

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