12 Tips to Improve Your WordPress Designing Skills

12 Tips to Improve Your WordPress Designing Skills

People are made to connect and to share life and all that comes with it. Sharing is made easy through the internet.

There are no boundaries of what you can share, from your personal stories up to your business. Everyone would love to share everything and anything they think of in the virtual world. One idea can be shared through the world in an instant and people are maximizing the use of the internet. These days, creating a website is more of a hobby than a profession. You can learn, design and share your very own website, regardless if it is just a personal website to tell your stories or a professional website to sell your products. WordPress offers a platform where you can design and publish your own website.

Designing a website is completely different from designing a house or a machine. But it has basic components that you can incorporate and help you improve your designing skills.

Here are some tips that can help you level up your designs:

  • Have a vision for your project. Like building a house, you must see what you wanted to build even if in reality it is just a vacant lot. You must see how your website looks like even before it materialize.
  • Name your project. Choosing a name for your website will give you a sense of ownership and it will show your brand. Your designs should match or should be appropriate to the name of your project.
  • Create a solid foundation. A house built and designed with good foundation stands strong even if there are storms. You must have a good foundation of your site too. Your foundation should be the purpose and content of your website. Even if you have a great design, but if you so not have a good foundation, your website will collapse.
  • Constant learning and innovation. What you know today can be obsolete tomorrow. Your designs today may not be trendy tomorrow. Designing in WordPress enables you to update and upgrade your website whenever you please. Everyday an app gets updated and everyday an additional feature is included. Like in WordPress, there are a lot of things you can learn; from simple shortcuts and some professional techniques in web design.
  • Design a site that is pleasing. Your website should be clear from clutter and pleasing to the eyes of the web visitors. Choose a font style, font color and font size that is readable. Add a background that compliments the fonts.
  • Do not overdo it. Have you ever been in a house where you cannot understand what style they are trying to achieve? Well do not make your website visitors think that. Make it minimal but striking.
  • Get inspirations. Look for the best website designers and their portfolio. Look for techniques and inspiration that you can use in designing your own website. If it is available, study the codes they are using. Remember to only get inspirations and not copy the entire concept.
  • Learn how to properly position the contents of your website. Just like designing a house and putting in furniture, you are putting the furniture in a place where it is not blocking the way or you simply choose a place where it fits best. Place an object, a function, and a contents where it is best fitted. Make sure to put the featured post at the top of the website.
  • Design a WordPress site that is compatible in all devices. Your design should be able to process and work well in different devices, like desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. This is critical since you do not know what devices the visitors are using.
  • Build a website that is worth sharing and easy to share. Design a website where contents can be easily shared, either via links or via share button. You design should be accessible enough that a non-tech web visitors can locate your share button. Through this design feature you are creating a bigger highway for a bigger traffic.
  • Design a website in WordPress where it is interactive. You can add in comment sections, chat boxes, subscription to a newsletter, let them submit their own post related to what you offer in your website and incorporate photos as your thumbnail of your title.
  • Master the codes. There might be features that you want to include in your website but may not have the full knowledge in putting it into codes. Do not worry. Just search for sample codes that you can copy, paste and enhance.

You may not be a professional designer but by integrating these simple tips to your website, not only you improve your design, but you also improve your skill. Keep creating, keep designing with WordPress.

Patrick Del Rosario
Patrick Del Rosario is a blogger from Design Bro. DesignBro is the world’s highest quality brand identity design. Stand out in the cluttered marketplace with your unique logo & Brand Identity and boost your brand image by having a consistent brand identity.

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