Magento vs Shopify

Magento vs Shopify

What we are often stumped over the question of which platform to choose for your business to do it right, there’s no universal one-size-fits-all solution.

That’s a perfectly legit concern, especially when every e-commerce platform you find is better than the last.

Look at where your business is now, and where you think it will be in the future, and choose a platform that can go all the way on that journey with you, and not leave you high and dry on the side of the road to online business success.

There are many eCommerce platforms available in the market and they offer unique and interesting features. The decision comes down to many different factors such as the size your business, the amount of sold items, the amount of resources you want to put into the development of your store, and the uniqueness of your business requirements.

Shopify and Magento are two widely acclaimed and used eCommerce store creation and management platforms today. There are, however, some huge fundamental differences between these platforms that you should be well aware of before making a comparative evaluation of the two:

Magento vs Shopify

Posted by Rose Cameron

Rose Cameron

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