SEO Content Tactics That You Should Immediately Jettison to Prevent Your Rankings from Tanking

SEO Content Tactics That You Should Immediately Jettison to Prevent Your Rankings from Tanking

SEO Content Tactics That You Should Immediately Jettison to Prevent Your Rankings from Tanking

Even though the impact of bad content on SEO has been clearly proven for long, bad SEO content tactics simply have not been eradicated.

Many websites continue with content practices that actually end up damaging their SEO efforts for superior online visibility and ability to generate organic traffic. The online world is far better connected nowadays and voice assistants ubiquitous but even then, there is no dearth of bad SEO content tactics that affect traffic generation, search rankings, and sales conversions. If catching up with the content strategy that works seem to be an impossible task, take heart by knowing what is typically wrong and how to lift up your website from the mundane:

Using Only a Single Keyword without Any Variations per Page

The way to get around this is to ensure that the content not only remains topical and uses the target keyword as the starting point but also includes its variations throughout the content in a natural manner. Spotting good variations of the keyword is as easy as referring to the thesaurus and also scrolling to the end of the Google’s search page after feeding in a search term.

Expecting Short Blogs to Perform Wonders

There used to be a time when the length of a blog did not matter, however, those days are long gone because now Google interprets brevity of content as shallow, underdeveloped or thin that is of little use to the searcher. If certain short blogs have been performing well, you should be considering them as exceptions to the rule as in the current context long-form blogs are favored by the search engine algorithms over short ones. An analysis of over 100 million articles by BuzzSumo reveals that long-form articles, i.e. articles with more than 3000 words tended to be the most shared. Similarly, a Backlinko survey of 1 million blog posts also supports the view that higher rankings are achieved by long-form content.

The way to make your content rise to the top of the rankings table is consciously writing longer posts that are more thorough and detailed commentaries of the subject and are aimed at answering questions of users satisfactorily in their true contexts.

Irregularly Publishing Content

An irregular publishing schedule does not do anything for your SEO rankings as Google lacks the fresh content it continually seeks to keep its search rankings relevant to the users. Lack of content will also handicap your website as it competes to rank with pages that are indexed more. It also gives less opportunity to the search engine to access the target keywords. Lack of regular content also hinders your efforts to build authority with users in your domain. Creating and publishing content regularly is the only way to generate more traffic from search engines that can be pushed along the sales funnel for better conversions. A benchmark study of blogging frequency conducted by HubSpot that involved more than 13,500 marketers revealed that bloggers who published more than 16 times in a month generated the maximum traffic and leads. More specifically, they got 3.5 times more traffic and nearly 4.5 times more leads than bloggers who published up to only four times every month.

The most effective way of surging ahead in traffic generation and domain authority is to establish a blogging calendar and ensure that you stick to the publishing schedule with long and in-depth content.

Giving Content Quantity More Importance over Quality

Lest anyone gets the idea that since the requirement of the day is a huge number of articles, quality can take a second place. Apart from looking out for regular updates and fresh content, Google also employs evaluation techniques that specifically examine the quality of web content from the perspective of an actual user. According to Google, quality content is that which, achieves its demonstrated intent, displays a very high level of know-how, credibility, and trustworthiness, as well as have a sufficiently large body of the principal content. Keep in mind that the volume of information on the Internet has really ballooned; what could have sufficed earlier will now need to be far better in quality to successfully compete for Page 1 rankings.

Since you need both quality and quantity, you will need to strike a balance by ensuring you stick to a consistent publishing schedule while maintaining the highest-possible content quality. Think as if you were in the shoes of the user and deliver content that is useful, relevant and adds to his understanding of the subject. However, in your quest to deliver quality, do not disappear for extended periods, as that will also hurt your rankings.

Ignoring Duplicate Content

One of the most common SEO issues is duplicate content that can really drive your rankings down. According to a study of more than 100,000 websites by SEMrush, close to 66% of the sites had major problems of duplicate content that could have been avoided easily.

Using one of the many available tools, you need to identify the duplicate content across your pages and adjust the content appropriately to get an immediate boost in page rankings. You should also run a check for plagiarized content for which, you may have been penalized and eliminate it.


Outstanding SEO Align Digital Marketing content should be your aim because of its multiple benefits. Not only does your site rise up the rankings but also you are rewarded with better loyalty and conversions as well as a significantly shorter sales cycle.

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