Re-Inventing Alternative SEO Strategies to Google Analytics

Re-Inventing Alternative SEO Strategies to Google Analytics

As you know, Google has announced that it would encrypt whole of the keyword data, online marketers rushed to find alternative strategies to track the searches that include collecting data from other sources like Bing, AdWords stats and checking out some top landing pages for ideas.

But experts have found a way that it is not necessary ay all when you strong SEO strategies. Here are a few alternative to Google Analytics that can bring spark in your inbound marketing campaign!

Interacting with your Customers

The most obvious way to avoid Google Analytics is to talk with your loyal and trustful customers. You may get a better feel and analyze whether your SEO is working well or you need to optimize in a different way when you hear it from customers you have influenced.

Focusing on Relevant Content

When you are focusing on Google Analytics, you may forget about content as it makes anxieties about the backlinks, bounce rates, engagement in social media, etc. When you focus on content you would be surprised to know how far a good content can go beyond your Analytics. No data is actually required for content curation.

Monitoring Backlinks and having a Clean Backlink Profile

There are other programs that can give support to your SEO other than analytics. Some of the great tools like Raven SEO Tools, Majestic SEO, etc., will surely help in ensuring your link profile is good, clean and it helps in improving natural organic ranking on the search results. They are good at monitoring your backlinks apart from the part of Analytics it can provide you a lot of insights on removing negative links.

Using tools to Analyze Anchor Text

Though this requires using data to employ strategies, it does not require Google Analytics. Many companies that are offering SEO services are employing this to analyze the organic growth of their ranking. Some of the tools will show you up with the accurate anchor texts that are being linking back to your website. This will be very helpful in tracking your data and focus on what key terms to be used for building links.

Throw yourself into Social Media

Don’t underestimate social media. Never think getting involved is a waste of time. It has the power of leveraging your leads via strong social presence. When you post some content you don’t get likes or shares immediately. It takes time, but once your content is shared, it has a great and long lasting impact. Ensure to keep it as a priority in promoting your post on your social networking profiles and stay active! That is the only way that can make yourself assume how your content is performing and how it can perform in the future.

Stay Informed

Always stay informed about what are you doing and what is happening on your industry. If you are following some strategies and Google may show some credits for that, it means you are ahead of your competitors who are unaware of these strategies.

Analytics is not always the essential one. Sooner or later there may be a situation where Google may encrypt keyword data with a big bang spreading tremors on the online market. So it is better to take precaution before it’s not too late!

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