How To Download Videos From Facebook?

How To Download Videos From Facebook?

If you are trying to download Facebook videos but facing issues, then this post is for you.

Facebook videos are becoming increasingly popular, with more than 8 billion views every day. As a Facebook user, you get to see impressive and knowledge-sharing Facebook videos on your newsfeed each day. Naturally, you would want to share these within your circle or upload the same on your Insta or YouTube profile.

What has changed?

Facebook has been changing its codes and algorithms dynamically in the last couple of years. As a result, all of a sudden, users have stumbled upon roadblocks that do not permit them to download Facebook videos the conventional way, anymore.
In this post today, we will talk about the simplest ways to download Facebook videos with or without the aid of a Facebook video downloader. The downloaded video can then be edited using a YouTube video editor and posted to your other social media accounts seamlessly.
Facebook videos are taking the world by storm

  • Almost 11% of all Facebook posts today are videos.
  • Mobile-friendly videos can garner enhanced engagement.
  • People enjoy watching live streams compared to recorded videos.
  • Square-shaped videos are more likely to be engaging compared to rectangular-shaped videos.

Ways to download videos from Facebook

Download FB Videos

Download Facebook videos without using a Facebook video downloader
This is easy, simple, and it works. The steps are:

  • Log into Facebook. It takes you to News Feed directly.
  • Search for the video that you wish to download.
  • Open the video.
  • On the video page, go the Time tab – Date and time – that is present just below the user name.
  • Click on the Time tab.
  • The video URL will open up which will read as:
  • All you now need to do is to put the prefix ‘m’ to the URL like:
  • Doing this will open the video to cover the entire screen. Play and pause the video.
  • Now when you right-click, a tab will open from where you need to choose ‘Save Video As’.
  • Once you press on the ‘Save Video As’ tab, a small window will open up asking you to choose the path and location for saving the video. As you press save, the video gets saved.
  • You can now use the YouTube video editor to edit the video and then post it to your other social media platforms.

Download Facebook videos with a Facebook video downloaderThis method is a professional and reliable way to download videos from Facebook. Before we find out the way to use the downloaders, let us understand what a video downloader is. As is evident from the name, this app or program helps in downloading videos from Facebook, with the original quality of the video maintained as it is.

There are two options here :

  • One that you download the app or software program onto your computer, laptop or other smart device and run it every time you need to download a video.
  • Second, some online websites extract the videos directly from the Facebook page without any need to install a plug-in separately.

Either way, these sites, apps, and programs are called Facebook video downloaders. Videos posted to public or private profiles can be downloaded using either of these two formats of downloaders.

Download FaceBook Videos

The best part is that the downloaded videos are all in the HD format – there is no compromising on the quality of the video. The videos downloaded can be easily modified and edited using a YouTube video editor and then uploaded with ease onto Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, and other such accounts. Steps to download Facebook videos using a Facebook video downloader onto your computer or laptop:

  • Log into Facebook.
  • Open the video that you wish to download.
  • When the video starts to play, right-click on the video.
  • A tab opens up. Click on ‘Show video URL’.
  • You now need to select the link and copy it.
  • Now, open the online site link of the Facebook video downloader or open the installed software.
  • Go to the ‘Insert Link’ tab.
  • Copy the Facebook video link here.
  • After this, click the Download tab.
  • The Facebook video downloader will extract the entire video with the audio and save it in the Downloads folder of your computer or laptop.

Most of the downloaders will download the video in the highest possible quality. If you wish to edit it or change the quality of the video, you can use the YouTube video editor to do so.
Steps to download Facebook videos using a downloader onto your Android or Apple smart devices:

  • Assuming that you are already on the video page from where the video needs to be downloaded, open the video.
  • Press the play button.
  • As the video plays, just below the video, you will find the Share option.
  • When you click on the Share option, a tab will open. Press ‘Copy Link’. The link gets copied and saved in the device’s clipboard.
  • Now, open the browser to open the site of Facebook video downloader or open the downloaded app directly.
  • Paste the link and then press download. The video can now be opened directly from the Gallery or Photos/Videos.

Choosing the right video downloader

When it comes to selecting the best downloader for downloading Facebook videos, there are ample choices. From good and sound websites online to reliable apps, you have a lot to choose from. You can read through articles and blogs by experts to understand which extension or plug-in suits your requirements. Depending on your specific requirements, you can make an ideal choice and enjoy using it for various purposes.
Facebook videos can be downloaded by professionals for a variety of purposes. You may wish to add it to your website, blog, share it on WhatsApp with your groups or share it on your online social media profiles. Using the right downloader and fine-tuning it with a steadfast YouTube video editor can help create magical results.

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