The Trending Issues Being Discussed and Debated in AI

The Trending Issues Being Discussed and Debated in AI

AI has been around for a while and the automation of numerous business processes and systems has arguably been the precursor of the current debate and the basis for practical development of AI.

These are the trending issues in AI and the ones that are currently being discussed in all the online spaces that matter.

AI Is Simply the Next Iteration in Software

For all the excitement, all the talk, and all the writing, AI can simply be regarded as the next iteration in computer programming and software that has been designed to be more intelligent and more responsive than its predecessors. This is the simplest way to look at the current rise of AI and one that will prevent some of the phobias around AI in the workplace. Some anticipate that we will reach a point where AI begins to design and make software on its own. Until that point, the original computer design principles remain - GIGO (garbage in and garbage out). Whatever we put into AI is what we will get out of it.

Conversational AI systems

The use of chatbots and virtual assistants has begun to increase and peak as all forms of e-commerce look to use such AI to interact and communicate with customers on a 24/7/365 basis. The development of natural language processing to work with and communicate with AI will also further develop this conversational ability, making AI increasingly more able to communicate like a human being. To be noted that AI detector exists to detect text generated by AI.

Better AI with Bigger Data

As the ability to collect and build huge repositories of data related to specific events and processes develops and increases, so too will the performance of AI. AI is only as good as the data that it uses to process and produce a cogent response to a question or request for work. AI will only get better and more accurate as the data upon which responses are based is improved and increases in size, veracity, and useability. Big data, therefore, means better AI and vice versa. It’s a virtuous cycle.

Ethical Issues

There are several ethical issues related to the use of AI, ranging from the realization that the unconscious biases of the creators are easily passed onto any AI system that is developed. There is also arguably a lack of transparency as to some of the design parameters and how some AI reaches its conclusions and provides an answer. Currently, there are also questions being raised as to the fairness or humane potential of AI. The name is artificial intelligence, and yet, many would also like this intelligence to be sentient, caring, and more human-like. It’s a debate that is raging in the online space and one that will likely end in further research and development and improvements made to AI as a whole.

These are the main issues or debates being engaged in around AI. It is a subject and topic that has taken the IT world by storm and will continue to dominate the sector for a long time to come.

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