Want to Declutter Your Digital Life? Here's How

Want to Declutter Your Digital Life? Here's How

There is so much information out there to help people struggling with too much clutter in their homes, but not nearly as much about digital clutter.

This includes apps, files, and accounts that are no longer needed or perhaps even forgotten. There are many reasons to reduce your digital clutter, such as to protect your online security and to make your devices more efficient. This article offers a few ways to manage your digital clutter.

Collect Your Devices

Before you even unlock your phone or open your laptop, gather all your digital devices and assess where to begin. Some older devices might have hardly any stored data, or they may contain plenty of forgotten files. Whatever your position, having all your devices in one place can make the task of digitally decluttering much less of a challenge.

Backup Your Files

The frustration of losing an important file is exacerbated by the knowledge that it could have been prevented if the file was securely backed up. Once you have identified the files you want to keep and protect, take the time to back them up on a separate hard drive just in case the originals are damaged or lost.

Manage Your Email Account

It's amazing how quickly an email account can become a site of total mayhem. Some people have thousands of unread messages in their inboxes and junk due to the overwhelming idea of confronting the task. There are different ways you can approach this problem. Once you learn how to keep your email address easily, you can take control of your account by moving to a different provider. This will give you the opportunity to go through your messages and delete what you no longer need. Create separate folders for different email categories to make the process less daunting. For example, divide emails into folders where you can check them later, such as personal messages, work requests, or payments.

Delete Unused Programs

You may have needed to download that one obscure program for a reason in the past, but if you no longer use it, then it should be deleted. Don't let unused programs waste valuable space on your devices.

Keep Track of Security

Take a note of all your online accounts and make sure they are as secure as possible. At the very least, change and improve the strength of your passwords to prevent people or bots from hacking into your accounts.

Streamline Your Social Media

Only keep the social media accounts you enjoy using. If you follow accounts that don't serve you, unfollow or block them. An afternoon of streamlining your social media can have a lasting difference on your wellbeing.

Especially if you have many devices or a long history of a complicated digital footprint, it can seem overwhelming at first to try and tackle all at once. With some preparation and effort, you can cut down on your digital clutter and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having control over your life.

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