5 Ways for Growing an HVAC Business

5 Ways for Growing an HVAC Business

Running your HVAC business can be very time-consuming.

Like most business owners, the current workload probably doesn’t leave you a lot of time to focus on marketing as well as get new customers.

But marketing is the basis of all successful businesses. Without it, your business might slant towards decreasing income instead of growth. Fortunately, with the help of the following ways, you can easily grow your HVAC business:

1.Be on Top of Calls

This may mean having a person operate phone calls during business hours. But if you are unable to hire someone to work full-time, opt to enlist the services of a virtual receptionist.

Missing calls will frustrate potential clients and make them think you’re unreliable. However, answering services will as well make your mind at peace, knowing that there is going to be someone to respond to all your phone calls.

2.Use Software

Growing your business means streamlining operations. If you are tied down to the minutia of operating your own business, knowing how to focus on marketing and growth can be a challenge.

For that reason, looking into BuildOps HVAC software is advisable to guide you in handling vital tasks, such as providing proposals/estimates and scheduling.

3.Create a Team

Your workers act as the face of your business – meaning that whoever you decide to hire is going to represent your business before customers. Business owners with successful businesses put their workers first because thriving staff translates into a growing business.

According to experts, engaged workers are 22% more lucrative. The best way to engage workers is to improve different stages, including development, training, hiring, and benefits.


Paying for good performance is a great idea in most businesses, including HVAC companies. But the only challenge is that business owners do it wrongly. For instance, incentivizing your workers to do their work on time can make them cut corners. This is why it is best to manage your workers well, review the work done, and keep a close eye on your company in general. With that, you can spot such an effort.

Rewarding good performance will always help your workers to develop ownership over every work they do, as well as your business brand. So always encourage your team to work independently as well as reward them for great performance. This reward could be in the form of cash.

5.Highlight Success and Reviews

When you are mired in doing your daily work, it might be easy for you to lose sight of all your wins. There are many opportunities to acknowledge your business's success internally and externally.

Taking your time to highlight positive reviews in your business will remind everyone in the organization to celebrate wins. Externally, use feedback from reviews and testimonials to up your game and develop the right marketing strategies.

In a Nutshell!

Every HVAC business is created differently. It is up to you to know the strategies that can work well for you, such as incentivizing, using software, highlighting success, and being on top of calls.

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