Top 5 Lead Generation Tools for SaaS Brands in 2020

Top 5 Lead Generation Tools for SaaS Brands in 2020

Lead generation is probably the most important element of your growth strategy, especially if you are trying to grow a SaaS business that relies on generating quality leads that will convert into long-term paying customers. There is no denying that your ultimate goal should be to improve customer retention, but in order to get loyal customers, you first have to generate quality leads – emphasis on the word quality. You can’t expect to gain much by reaching out to the wrong prospects, or by trying to convert visitors that are just perusing without any intention of converting.

And no matter how much you invest in lead nurturing and grooming; you simply can’t hope to convert the wrong type of customer. This is why your focus should be to generate leads with a high conversion potential, so that you don’t break the proverbial bank in the process. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top five lead generation tools you should be using in 2020 and beyond.

Collect feedback with Typeform

Surveys and forms are essential tools that all growth-oriented SaaS brands should use to better understand their customers (we’ll go into detail on that with the next tool), and engage with them in a fun and conversational way. Look, the truth is that people don’t want to spend time filling out drab forms and answering unimaginative surveys, which is why Typeform is on a mission to make feedback collection a more engaging experience for all.

Typeform is one of those brands that believes in an engaging approach to lead generation, which is why it provides its clients with various types of templates based on the goal(s) they are hoping to achieve. You can choose between surveys and forms, lead generation templates, employee forms, quizzes and polls, invitations and events, and many more.

Understand your users through Hotjar

Collecting feedback and generating leads through forms can be a cumbersome task, but wait until you find yourself trying to make sense of all that customer data, or just trying to optimize your digital presence to appeal to your demographic in general. It can seem like an impossible task, which is why Hotjar has created a comprehensive solution that allows you to connect all of the key dots on a centralized platform. The goal here is to map out the customer’s behavior and journey on your website so that you can figure out what works best, and what needs fixing in order to optimize conversions.

Hotjar offers a number of handy and customizable tools like heatmaps that map clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior, visitor recordings that record their behavior, conversion funnels that tell you where your potential customers are dropping out, as well as form analysis, feedback polls, and more. This is a tool for those businesses that operate in a highly-competitive niche and want to stay in control as much as possible.

Build social proof with Cue

Building social proof is probably one of the most important goals in any growth strategy, and especially for SaaS startups that are yet to earn their reputation in the industry, and are yet to elevate their standing as a strong contender in the eyes of their top competitors. To build social proof effectively, SaaS brands are now trying out the , which aims to inspire and empower potential customers to put their trust in your brand by repeating the actions of your existing customers.

This is achieved through real-time notifications that pop up when new customers are browsing through your website. These notifications can tell them that someone bought your product, rated it with five stars, or even that customers are interacting with your site in some other way – such as signing up for your newsletter or downloading your free eBooks.

Find important emails with Hunter

Lead generation is not just about attracting visitors to your site, it’s also about you reaching out to prospects to establish a direct line of communication and spark a conversation that will lead to a purchase. Of course, you can’t just send an email to a generic business address, instead, you have to get through the gatekeepers, which is what Hunter specializes in. Hunter is a platform that allows you to find relevant email addresses and thus drive lead generation forward by simply typing in the URL of a company into the search box. The tool will then uncover all of the emails behind a company, and thus help you reach the right people.

Use Salesforce to boost customer relationships

And finally, one of the tried-and-tested tools that has been around for ages is Salesforce, a prominent solution in the world of CRM used by thousands of companies from around the world. Salesforce, quite simply, offers everything that a growing SaaS business might need to nurture its customer relationships and ensure repeat business while driving customer acquisition forward as well. It’s a comprehensive tool that offers numerous features to serve your marketing and sales departments, and it can easily scale with your needs as you grow.

Wrapping up

Lead generation is a cumbersome task, especially if you are just starting out and are yet to prove yourself to the world. This is why you need to integrate the right tools into your processes, so be sure to review these solutions yourself and integrate the ones that will benefit your company most in 2020 and the years to come.

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