7 Free Google SEO Tools Every Website Owner Should Use

7 Free Google SEO Tools Every Website Owner Should Use

You must agree that there are very many free SEO tools available today.

However, it is important to point out that not all the free tools that you can lay your hands on are effective. Most of the free tools that are easily available online are not effective. Besides, using many of them may end up messing the SEO performance of your site over the long term. Therefore, if you would like to use the free tools that are available, you need to choose carefully. Here are some of the best free tools that you can use.

1. Google Analytics

Starting with Google Analytics for various reasons is important. In the first place, you are basing your SEO work on the search results that users get when they are using Google. Therefore, it makes sense to use a tool that is made by the company. Google does not have any other paid tool that you can use to optimize your site. Therefore, for you to get the best results, you need to start using Google Analytics to optimize your website.

2. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tool can be one of the most effective weapons that you can use in your SEO wars. The tool can be used to assess a lot of important aspects of your site. For example, while using the tool, you can learn a lot about the kind of links that are connected to your site and their effect on your overall ranking. Also, you can rely on Google Webmaster Tools to learn a lot about the kind of traffic that you receive on your site and the kind of steps that you can use to make the site more responsive and successful.

3. Google Trends

It is indicative that Google Trends is one of the most trusted tools that you can use to understand the trends of any keyword that you would like to use. Google Trends gives you detailed information about keywords in the form of a graph that shows how the popularity of the keyword is changing over the course of time. Once you get this kind of information, you can make critical decisions on whether you think specific keywords are ideal for your use or not. Thus, Google Trends can help to shape your keyword and content strategy, in general, to help you improve your SEO performance.

4. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a unique service that allows you to learn whenever anyone mentions a specific keyword on the internet. Here is how it works: when you sign up for the service, you must choose several keywords that you intend to monitor. Whenever the keyword is mentioned on the internet, Google sends you an email with details of the website where the keyword was specified. Within the context of SEO, you can use the results of Google Alerts to shape your link building strategy.

5. Keyword Planner

Although Keyword Planner was not originally made to be used as an SEO tool, it can nevertheless be a very invaluable weapon that you can use to get the right results. Primarily, the tool was designed to be used to develop complex search campaigns. However, some clever SEOs now use it as the primary tool for searching for the right keywords for their sites. You can also use the functionality of this tool to change the way you conduct your keyword research. You can use the suggested search words as your preferable keywords and build good content based on the results.

6. Google Advanced Search Commands

Google Advanced Search Commands is another important free tool that you can use to build your SEO performance over the course of time. One of the most important features of this site that make it a credible weapon for your SEO work is that is helps you to search for information on how some important keywords are performing over the course of time. Moreover, the tool helps you to understand how to use some terms more effectively to get your desired results. Therefore, you can use it to get better keywords and combinations of search terms to help improve the visibility of your site over the long run.

7. Google Desktop and Mobile Speed Search

This tool is indispensable, given that nowadays, Google and all the other leading search engines insist that websites need to have very high loading speeds. If your site has low loading speeds, you may end up losing a lot from users who get tired and move to other sites. Thus, you can use this tool to test the speed of your site and determine how useful your website is to users who would like to get information very fast. If you would like to read more about free Google SEO tools, you can visit https://serpbook.com. The good news about these tools is that they have been made by the firm that controls the most popular search engine.

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