7 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid to Boost Your Business Sales in 2019

7 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid to Boost Your Business Sales  in 2019

In this day and age, you are probably well aware of all the benefits that digital marketing brings to a company.

Your business has surely devoted a lot of time, effort and money in order to develop a strategy that will put you ahead of your competitors. However, it’s important to keep in mind new trends are constantly emerging in this field, which can often lead to marketing mistakes. So, to help boost your business sales, we gathered some tips on what you should not do when it comes to digital marketing in 2019.

Not knowing your audience

While composing your business plan, you’ve surely thought about who your audience is going to be. You’ve developed your products or services with them in mind. Well, the same principle goes for marketing of any kind, but especially digital.

You have to do research and see who your audience actually is. Looking into their needs can help you figure out a way to reach out to them. Furthermore, knowing more about their demographics can also be crucial for devising the right approach when it comes to social media platforms and the way you used them, as well as the type of content you post. Coming up with the right strategy will save you time and money, so don’t hesitate to make the most of this.

Not diversifying your content

Common mistake companies make is sticking to only one form of content. For example, if you only post articles that are over three thousand words long, people might lose interest. To prevent this, you should think of ways how you can diversify your offer and boost your traffic.

For instance, think about producing an educational video or some sort of tutorial for your products. Even when you have to post a wordy article, make sure to include infographics, quality images or even GIFs. Try to experiment to see what kind of content brings you the views, likes, and shares.

Not being original and on topic

No matter the kind of content you decide to produce, it’s vital that you stay original. As many knowledgeable SEO experts will tell you, copying what someone else already published is going to affect your Google ranking and you definitely do not want this to hurt your credibility. If people realize you are plagiarizing someone else’s work, they will definitely not trust you enough to do business with you.

Furthermore, make sure to stay on topic when writing. It’s important to give clear and concise facts that your audience can understand and use. Also, avoid fluff as people are not looking for irrelevant statements and make sure everything you post is backed by research.

Not optimizing for mobile

People are no longer surfing the web only from their desktop computers – in fact, the majority of searches are now done via mobile phones. This means that you cannot ignore the importance of optimizing your website for mobile devices.

Seeing as how Google has started giving priority to websites which are optimized for mobile, there is no time to waste. Look for experts who can help you provide customers with a website that will set you apart from the crowd.

Not answering your customers’ questions

When you join a social media platform to promote your business, you have to be aware that you are opening the doors for customer questions, praise, and criticism. You cannot neglect their opinions and posts as that can seriously affect your reputation.

So, answer every question you get. Respond to praise by telling them you are happy they are satisfied and you will continue on this path. If you get some negativity, it’s important not to ignore it or delete it. If you delete it, they might have screenshots and might share them on other platforms. Politely ask them to give you more details and tell them how much you appreciate feedback as you can use it to improve your operations. Remember, no matter what, you should not be rude and impolite as that will definitely affect your business.

Not focusing on your existing customers

It is not uncommon for companies to focus on acquiring new customers while completely ignoring the existing ones. You might be developing a strategy to attract a wider audience but keep in mind that this might alienate your current clientele.

Chances are that a lot of your profit comes from returning customers, so make sure they will be okay with any changes. Seeing as how they keep doing business with you, you can assume that they are satisfied with your service and you should definitely not neglect this relationship. They can bring you plenty of WOM marketing as well, so do not forget about them.

Not tracking results

Knowing how your audience is reacting to your posts is critical for being able to improve your efforts. This is why analytics are important for your company. Whatever data you collect, make sure to study it thoroughly and use the insight you get from it.

If you realize that your audience does not appreciate the videos you are producing, you can stop wasting money on this and invest it in something else they would rather see you do. Moreover, look into how the customers behave on your website and try to come up with a plan for offering them a better experience.

These seven are just some of the mistakes you should not make when it comes to digital marketing this year. Make sure to avoid them and your sales will skyrocket.

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Nick Brown
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