Reasons Why Businesses Must Invest In UX Designs

Reasons Why Businesses Must Invest In UX Designs

Most of the businesses in this modern world consider that UX design is a must-have investment for them.

Well, there are lots reasons for this. If you are a business owner and have worked earlier on any such design-led projects, you will probably know a lot about it already and the inherent benefits that it can provide to any business.

However, if you have not and are yet to embrace UX for your business then it is high time that you do so to transform skeptical business management approach into more strategic and result driven one. It is worth the time, money and effort put into it.

It saves money

The fact that UX designs saves money for your business makes it a ‘must have’ investment rather than a ‘nice to have’ one.

  • This is essentially the most effective and popular problem solving discipline
  • In its core, UX designing is all about creating better and more result driven products and
  • This is the best solution to any sort of user problems.

Most importantly, you can avoid costly and time consuming rework on these if you find that a specific digital product is not being able to solve any particular user problem or as effectively as desired.

According to several researches it is found that:

  • An estimated 50% time of the developer can be saved if you have UX design as reworks will be avoided as it will ensure that the software is so designed that it works properly right from the very first time.
  • When it comes to usability, it is estimated that UX designs helps a great deal in fixing issues even after development of the site and this is 100 times less expensive when compared to fixing these during design.
  • The same study shows that on an average the programmers have to spend about half the time on a digital product rework to fix issues that could have been avoided.

All these facts prove that getting it right from the very beginning itself, will save quite a lot of money on labor cost as well as on the employee churn.

As it is reworking on the avoidable issues is a thankless job and if the programmers have to do it on a regular basis it will certainly drain their morale considerably.

On the contrary, UX design will ensure that the precious developers are always high in motivation so that they can produce more meaningful work and less or no grunt work. This will help you in many ways in turn such as:

  • It will help you to retain your developers therefore saving money further for your business not having to arrange for recruitments every now and then which is not only costly but involves a lot of hassles and is time consuming.
  • Investing in UX designer jobs will also help you to reduce other costs such as customer support, training, and scheduling.
  • When you have meticulously designed software it will be highly intuitive and therefore it will also save the users from the pain, effort and time to call you or send you an email to find something out. This means that you will need fewer resources to put into manning your customer service.

All these will add up to your savings both in terms of money and time as well which you can channelize in to other important areas of your business.

It increases your sales

The impact of UX design is huge and is crystal clear. It will help you to have more satisfied users who will be more likely to do what you want or encourage them to do. As a business since your primary objective is to encourage your users to buy your products or services, UX will give you exactly that opportunity and even do a little more than that: increase your sales. However, there are few things that you should know regarding this matter.

  • There are no specific metrics in which it can be proved how much UX can increase the sales volume and revenue margin because this is not a linear measure that is easy like the pay-per-click.
  • Websites and apps are both complex digital products that have a lot of different variables. Companies that use UX typically do not tend to craft any UX version or even a non-UX version of digital products for making a comparison.

However, there are a few solid evidences that show that any good web design has the potential to increase sales for any given type of business.

If you consider the classic textbook Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach written by Roger Pressman you will come across even a more specific statistic that is often quoted. It says that every dollar you spent in UX design will in return bring in anything between $2 and $100.

Well, that was at the time Pressman wrote the book. In the modern scenario and market trends, this statistical evidence is increasingly pointing towards a scale that is much more at the upper end of such a metric.

It increases customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is another important aspect of any business that will ensure its success. It is found through several studies and surveys such as the Gomez report on ‘Why Web Performance Matters’ that:

  • More than 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a particular website that has given them a bad user experience.
  • Apart from that, more than a third of such disappointed users will tell others about this fact which will result in even more downfall in organic web traffic to that particular site.

The study has found that if there is carefully and thoughtfully crafted software it will increase the chances that the users will themselves try to solve their problems. If the software can do this easily, there is a high chance that these customers will become the repeat users and will also bring other users along with them as well.

In short, better UX will ensure filtering through your brand reputation, higher customer retention, and better engagement rates and help you to stay competitive.

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Sujain Thomas
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