7 Advanced SEO Tactics To Outperform Your Competitors In 2019

7 Advanced SEO Tactics To Outperform Your Competitors In 2019

SEO is an ever-changing game, and it has changed immensely in recent years. Now every particular niche requires a bit different approach when it comes to setting and achieving your SEO goals, meaning that the simple path of directory submissions and meta tags will not guarantee results anymore.

The world has grown so competitive that even some of the hottest digital marketing trends won’t make a difference if they’re not accompanied by strong SEO strategies.
We all remember the times from a decade ago when it was super easy to achieve a high ranking on Google for almost any keyword you target. All it took was three months of classical SEO tricks since there were no strict guidelines to follow nor any algorithm restriction. Keywords were stuffed everywhere, bolded and with an anchor text, contents were duplicated. All this worked fine and we were quite able to confidently predict the results within three months.
This win-win situation for every SEO rapidly changed when Google released algorithms which started targeting the low-quality content and low-quality links and link farms. These algorithms were a game changer for both Google and SEO since many businesses received a massive hit on their traffic and many of them were completely trashed. This, of course, made everyone trying much harder to provide better values through high-quality content and user experience, creating an enormous competition. So if you’re looking to outperform your competitors in 2019, you’re gonna need some advanced SEO tactics.

Hand-in-Hand With UX

Starting out with your SEO plan, the first thing you need to build to perfection is your user experience. The reason is quite simple - UX requires the figures SEO has, and SEO requires a strong web design structure UX needs to provide, meaning they both need to go hand-in-hand. User experience covers all aspects of the user’s interaction with a company as a whole, with its products, and its services, which means that your web design must go much further than good looks. If you’d take a look behind the successful corporate website design in Sydney, you’d see a whole team of highly experienced, creative and passionate individuals, containing digital marketers and content creators, SEO specialists, website developers, graphic designers, and website and UX designers. This is the only approach that will create a good user experience which will provide your users with trust and confidence to make u purchase at first visit. This will not only improve your traffic and sales, but it will also significantly reduce your bounce rate.

Develop a User Base Around Your Brand

Once you’ve built an impressive website UX you’re also done with a great part of another crucial SEO tactic - branding. The more established your brand is the higher your SEO ranking. The task of building a trustworthy brand in this vast sea of competition is far from easy - great UX gets one part of the job done, but what’s the second part? Well, for that second part you’ll need a large number of trusted followers who are not only ready to buy from you, but also to hear your story and spread the word. It’s crucial to develop that user base since they’ll be your eyes and ears and the foundation of further brand development. They’ll mention your brand name on social media which will become an inevitable proof of trust in your services, which is a vital factor when it comes to your position in SERPs.

Think of Small Screens

Yes, everyone’s been talking about the importance of being mobile friendly for years now, but still, many business owners don’t think of small screens enough. Now, when more than 60% of all searches are done on mobile devices that would be a logical step, but with Google’s mobile-first indexing it has become a crucial one. It seems that everything Google introduces sooner or later becomes a game-changer, so prepare your website on time.

Get Ready to Talk, Fast

Same as with mobile devices, soon 50 percent of searches will be voice ones. The sooner you optimize your website for voice search, the more competition you’ll leave behind. The first thing you need to do is to pay attention to how you construct keywords. Voice quarries are more conversational and can be less specific so long-tail keywords will work much better. The second thing, probably even more important, is the speed of your website. Users are switching to voice search cause they want to search faster, meaning they want to wait even less. Now the expectations of almost 50% of them are for a page to load in less than 2 seconds, so do everything you can to improve your page load speed even more.

Target The Queries With Precision

Target Audience with Precision

We’ve already said that the keyword-stuffed content is a cheap SEO trick which doesn’t work anymore. With smarter and much more efficient algorithms, Google can figure out whether your content is relevant or not, and won’t hesitate to penalize you if it isn’t. That’s why it’s important to know precisely how to target all types of search queries. If the results you deliver are not entirely connected with the queries your bounce rate will grow, which is a clear indication for Google that your place is not at the top of search results.

Content is Still King

Maybe this is hard to believe with these algorithm restrictions, but precisely because of those restrictions the content not only has to be a high-quality one - it has to be unique. Those capable to produce both high-quality and unique content will dominate the search, and as a result, there is more content than ever before. It has turned into a real race, so you need additional resources to tell your brand stories, such as starting a blog. A well-planned content strategy is crucial if you want to attract and engage your users, who will then spread your words even further across social media platforms.

But Nothing Will Kill The Video Star

The video seems to be literally immortal due to the fact that content marketing is simply incomplete without it. Video content still makes an amazing 60% of marketing strategies for both B2B and B2C businesses. Almost 50% of consumers watch at least an hour of video per day. With its whopping 3 billion query searches per month, Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. All this points out that a good video strategy which will establish the trusted image of your brand is quite able to dominate the SERPs.
As you’ve probably noticed, all these tactics are connected. You won’t be able to grow a strong user base without proper UX, which again requires mobile and voice search optimization. Again, a strong user base means nothing without high-quality and unique content and proper targeting. So it’s not enough to pick one tactic which works best for you - the point is to implement them all and make them intertwine.

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