We live in a time where search ranking dominates how we make business decisions. How high you are ranked can certainly make or break your business, and so people have invested a huge chunk of their marketing budget, ensuring that they remain at the top.

Not only does a high ranking mean more visibility, many people rely on the credibility of search rankings to help them make a purchase decision. It is very rare for anyone to click a link past the first page of Google's search results.
A new player in the game is voice search. Convenience will play a massive part in how technology will be shaped. And since voice is inherently more convenient and faster than typing, we will soon see search rankings based on voice search. In order to stay ahead of the curve, below are five tips your website can use to optimize voice search.

Use Natural Language.

Ever since the emergence of Google search, we have been lead to believe that text-based research is the way to go. We have been conditioned to prioritize syntax over correct grammar. Because of this "ski resort + vacation + tips" was the default way that we do our search. But the rise of voice search will soon change how we conduct our online searches. Voice search is more inclined to natural language than syntactical text, and therefore, long-tail keywords will soon become commonplace in many sites. Marketers should change how sites are optimized to include natural language in their keywords for better results.

Less Technical.

Content plays a huge part in SEO. Content creators and writers are often tasked with creating content that's hard to grasp by the average person. The rise in voice search will soon see an end to this trend. Many of the content search through voice is written in a simple style, often at a ninth-grade level of understanding. Opting for this kind of content could potentially boost site traffic through voice search.

Partner with Companies with Smart Speakers.

Many giant e-commerce sites promote smart speakers as a convenient way to navigate the web without a screen. Smart speakers are especially useful because there is no need to whip out your phone or laptop to look up something online. They are always working in the background and ready to be called to action. Sites who partner with these companies can have a huge advantage because their products will be featured first during a voice search of it.

More Local Content.

A great way to enhance a site's voice search is to create more local content. Much like the use of long-tail keywords could boost your voice search ranking, catering to people's needs by showcasing local content can help your site jump to the voice search bandwagon.

Reduce Page Load Time.

The quicker a page loads, generally, the higher its ranking is going to be. Algorithms generally favor fast loading pages over those that take forever to load. Opting to partner with the best dedicated server UK can help optimize the speed of such sites. These optimized sites have a far better chance at being ranked higher in voice search because of their reduced load time.

Posted by Anthony Blair

Anthony Blair
Anthony Blair is an informative content writer who is passionate about writing on digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media and more. She is currently working with Treasure Valley SEO, one of the leading digital marketing and advertising agencies serving in and around Idaho.

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