9 Tips For Writers To Crush Social Media Marketing

9 Tips For Writers To Crush Social Media Marketing

Today, it’s challenging to find a person, who doesn’t use social networking sites.

According to statistics, modern people spend up to seven hours a day on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
And it’s not a surprise that most companies started using social media platforms to engage the audience and boost sales. If you also want to make your business to stand out on social media, read this article. Here you will find a few useful tips on how to write remarkable posts.

Plan ahead

Successful social media marketing is all about planning. So it’s important to schedule social media posts at least one week in advance. You should have enough time to come up with fascinating topics and organize them in a logical way.
It’s highly recommended to use social media management tools to publish posts at the best time of the day and week. It will help you to boost your efforts and increases engagement reach and engagement.

Choose an appropriate writing style

Informal communication prevails on social media. But you should keep in mind that the choice of communication style always depends on the niche, in which your company operates. For instance, if you advertise luxury real estate or jewelry, it’s better to choose a formal writing style.
Before you create the first post, you should find out whether it’s appropriate to use slang, shortened words, and internet acronyms. You should analyze the preferences of your target audience and make an informed decision.

Use an emotional appeal

If you run a business account, it doesn’t mean that you should write about the business only. All your captions should have an emotional appeal no matter what you are writing about. You should always try to find the right words to touch the followers’ feelings.
Try to avoid cliché words. Put your soul in every social media post you write.
Take a look at the following tweet created by Delta Airlines. A content creator substituted a common phrase “Happy Mother’s Day” with a heart touching caption, and it helped the company to get lots of retweets and likes. It’s a great example to follow.

Don’t overuse hashtags

Hashtags are essential for online promotion, and you must use them in every post. But keep in mind that you should pick only those hashtags, which are the most relevant to the topic.

But keep in mind that you should pick only those hashtags, which are the most relevant to the topic. Also, always use some good hashtag tracking tool to analyze hashtag performance.

You may utilize such tools as Hashtagify.me or Hashtags.org to do research and find the most popular hashtags in your niche. It will help you to increase engagement and boost your marketing efforts.
It worth mentioning that Facebook posts and Tweets should include from one to three hashtags. And Instagram posts should include up to seven hashtags.

Pay attention to the post length

According to statistics, a perfect post length is the following:

  • Facebook. Organic posts should be no longer than 80 characters. Paid posts should consist of 5-18 words
  • Instagram. Organic posts should include between 138 are150 characters. Sponsored posts should contain125 characters or less.
  • Twitter. Organic and promoted tweets shouldn’t be shorter than 71 characters and shouldn’t include more than 100 characters
  • LinkedIn. Both organic and paid updates should include around 25 words

Start a dialogue

The best way to engage your target audience is to ask a funny, entertaining question. The question must be simple, and understandable. The answers may consist of a short sentence, a few words or just one emoji.
Social media users like to play games and interact with the brands. So it’s not that hard to encourage them to comment on your posts. You just need to make a try.

Address customers’ questions

If your target audience has some questions, you should provide comprehensive answers on social media. It’s a great way to show that your company cares about customers and appreciate their opinions. It helps to raise brand loyalty and increase the company’s image.

Be consistent

You should stick to one writing style while creating different social media posts. You should set the tone of voice and keep it consistent across every all channels.
It will allow you to promote your company online in a more effective way. As a result, you will increase your brand awareness and engagement.

Proofread twice

Don’t overlook the importance of proofreading. Even if your caption consists of two simple sentences, you should check it for grammar mistakes and typo.
It happens that autocorrect feature corrects and completes your words in the wrong way. And you should be attentive to spot the mistake.
It’s highly recommended to monitor the text’s quality with the help of advanced tools and services. For instance, you can use automatic grammar checker Grammarly, or proofreading service WoWGrade.net.

In conclusion

When creating a social media post, be honest with your target audience. Don’t hide anything. Improve your writing skills, stay positive, use humor, and you will succeed.

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Adriana Veasey
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