Guide on the 5 Social Media Trends in 2019

Guide on the 5 Social Media Trends in 2019

The social media landscape is changing as more people know about it, particularly business owners are now learning about its existence and manipulating it for use in promoting their products/services.

If you want to continually get good conversion rate, you will have to keep up with the latest trends of social media. You must update your social media strategies accordingly to compete with other companies of the same niche on the platform.

Posts are Becoming Increasingly Engaging

Engaging posts is on the rise on social media. Creating an engaging content is not about including call to action and telling people to share your posts. Use images to attract the attention of audience - people tend to stop for a few seconds and look at the picture.

To make your picture stand out, enhance it with a photo editor for example adding filters, and adjusting the coloration. To increase engagement, you must be responsive and always respond to the followers. If you did not respond, your customers will perceive that you don't want to interact with them and they will stop becoming interested in your products.

Influencer marketing is Trending on Businesses of All Sizes

It is increasingly common for businesses to use influencer's account to market their products. Influencers refer to those who are established and have large following on the social media. The amount of money per post will depend on the popularity of the influencer. Micro influencer suits the budgets of small and medium companies.

Micro influencers don't have millions of followers but they may have tens of thousands of niche specific audience that will be interested in your brand. And if you can't afford advertising with micro influencer, you can look to Nano influencer with an audience up to 10K audience that is interested about your industry.

The Use of Bot in Social Customer Care

The social media has also become a channel for businesses to improve their customer support. Cooler Insights report claimed that 90% of the users reach out to their brand on a social network. There are also other studies that found out that many people prefer customer service to take place on social media rather than the conventional methods such as live chat and phone.

However, it is expensive to hire a team of social customer care agents that will be available on the social network to answer customer questions for 24/7. This is why many businesses are now aiming to use bots instead of human team to provide social customer care. It is estimated that 80% of the brands will be using bot to provide social customer care by 2020.

Stories Videos are Increasingly Popular on Social Media

Stories can be seen in many places all over the social media, especially on Instagram, and YouTube. Hundreds of millions of people go to Instagram to watch stories video every day. Now, many advertisers realize that they can effectively reach out to their audience through stories ads. Stories are successfully used on social media because they are easy to create with a screencast software.

You can select the area you want to record by drawing a record frame with your cursor. You can also choose the frame size from the capture area drop down menu. The screen recorder tool can record all types of activities on the screen including text, drawing, software, and video. You can also enable sound recording by pressing the microphone button. When done, you can use the built-in editor to edit your screencast story. The built-in editor supports adding text, filters, and coloration adjustment.

Social Media Deleting Fake Followers, Comments, and Likes

This year will see the change that social media networks will join in action to shut down accounts with fake followers. The change may be motivated by Instagram's first move on cracking down on accounts with fake followers. They are using machine learning tools to identify accounts with fake likes, followers, and comments.

These metrics determine the worth of a profile on Instagram. Many people start to sell ads on their profile when they reach 10K followers. Higher follower count allows you to receive higher paycheck for an ad embedded in social media. The change may change the way how much an account is worth based on the number of followers. Brands should not be obsessed with increasing their followers except the existing ones.

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