5 Effective Ways to Integrate Social Media on Your Website

5 Effective Ways to Integrate Social Media on Your Website

To come up with a strong customer base, many online merchants are engaged in using social media and integrate them with their website.

If you are missing this catch, your business might be left behind with the latest marketing trend. It comes with the undisputed power of taking customer resistance and at the same time helping your business generate an insane amount of income through the help of the technology integration.

Keep on reading, and you’ll get to know the different ways to include social media on your business’ website.

Encourage your users to share.

Right after you provide quiz tool, interactive content or survey, it’s essential that you convince your users to click the share button all over their social networks. To do that, create an appealing content which most users would like to share. Be creative in generating catchy and interesting call-to-action. They should be visually engaging and unique so that you can get good results from this wonderful technology integration. It is highly suggested that you’ll place different share buttons at the side, top or bottom of your website.

Prove your legitimacy as a business.

A social proof allows your clients or customers to trust you better. About 79% of consumers rely on social proof and personal referrals. Thus, it’s crucial for you to integrate different social media widget to boost your website conversion and sales. An effective way to do this is to take advantage of the ‘Like Box’, social widget from Facebook.

Thru this technology integration, your visitors will know that you’re reputable since their friends and relatives also like the site. More importantly, you are also increasing likes using this technique.

Embed social video if necessary.

Lots of pages with high-quality videos do better in search engine particularly when they are trending, either locally or globally. These videos also power up the visitor’s time, as well as boost the conversion rate.

Simply put, in terms of social media and web design, it doesn’t make sense anymore to make a website without social media integration. Bear in your mind that once you ignore social network, you are also weeding out the big potential for earning and sharing amplification.

Incorporate social logins.

Social logins enable sites to make an internal community. And guess what? Such technology integration could be a great chance for your company to connect with your target audience and share exclusive contents. With this feature, you don’t need any more to set up your own individual login.

Aside from that, providing your users the option to log in or register via Twitter or Facebook rather than filling out complicated process is quite a relief. It reduces the time spent for registration, resulting in higher conversion rate.

Create a social-media friendly design.

Talk to your web design agency on the effective way which improves your social media user experience. Take for instance, on different homepages, most static content has been replaced with different variable content which feeds from unique sources like blog feeds, social media feeds, news feed and much more. When that happens, home page layouts have altered so that it can incorporate modular panels, which can hold no matter what type of variable content.

Keep in mind that building your brand with the help of technology integration is very crucial. Luckily, it is often daunting for small businesses to carry out, especially in the midst of the intimidating competition among well-established larger brands. With that being said, the use of social media integration can help your business establish positive feedback regarding your products and services, which can have a tremendous impact on the growth of your business brand.

Abegail Louise Acosta
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