9 Reasons Behind The Popularity of Instagram

9 Reasons Behind The Popularity of Instagram

More than a billion users use Instagram per month and are the most famous social networking site currently. People love interacting with other people. Sharing videos, memes and images make people happy. Instagram is gaining huge popularity and is overcoming Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.  

You can use Instagram to post videos and photos with savage or sassy captions. You can give stories about anything and can also see other people's stories as well. You can tag people in your photos and even give a location to your pictures. 

You can talk with other people via direct message to stay in touch with them. 

9 Reasons Behind The Popularity of Instagram

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There are numerous reasons which have led Instagram to be one of the most popular platforms among people.

1. Instagram Has a User-Friendly Interface

Instagram is very easy to operate as its interface is understandable and attractive. Instagram's interface shows the posts based on your liking and desire. Instagram designs are based on the posts you have liked, interacted with, saved, and commented on. 

Most people don't notice this thing, but Instagram designs the UI based (User Interface Design) on their likings and needs. This is a very good feature of Instagram which helps people to discover what they like very easily. They don't have to surf the internet anymore as they can see most of the things on their search feed. 

2. Instagram Can Make Anyone Popular

Instagram is the only platform where people can gain popularity in a useful way. It provides users with an opportunity to be popular within hours and they can gain instant success as well. Instagram is an amazing platform where people can showcase their talents and get famous. 

It is a platform for every type of artist like photographers, dancers, singers, writers, stylists, etc. It allows people to use hashtags of their own and gain popularity. 

Many new and existing brands have gained many customers through Instagram. Buyers and users use Instagram to connect and users can easily buy products from their favorite brands. 

For example, if we look at the Covid-19 scenario many new brands and businesses emerged during that time and instantly gathered a huge fan base of their products. They used the hashtags option and got featured on many people's Explore page. This helped them to be popular on Instagram as a brand.

Apart from this, there is always an option of buying Instagram followers to give an initial hike to your account.

3. Instagram Filters  

It is always mentioned that Instagram can either create your image or destroy it. So to maintain a decent profile, Instagram has a wide variety of filters that are free to use by people. It has the coolest and most creative filters collection which can be used by anyone for their photos, videos, or reels. 

People who are new to Instagram and are skeptical about whether to post photos or videos can use filters to enhance the quality of their pictures. You can even use other apps to add in-built filters to your Instagram app. Editing and refining photos can be time-consuming and hard for amateur people, so filters available on Instagram can help to resolve that issue. 

4. Instagram Hashtags 

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People use hashtags to reach a wide range of audiences. Instagram is the app that started the trend of using hashtags. There is no doubt that people find it difficult to read long captions. So to resolve that issue, hashtags were introduced and long captions were reduced to one-liners with hashtags after that. After a while hashtags appeared without gaps between the words to create more impact on the viewers. 

5. Instagram Is Mobile-Friendly

Usually, many apps take a lot of time to open or load on mobile phones. But Instagram is mobile-friendly and is very convenient to use. People prefer surfing Instagram on mobile phones rather than opening a laptop or tablet. 

Instagram is available in both mobile and desktop versions. People find it convenient and easy to use Instagram on mobile phones.  

6. Instagram Images

People respond very quickly to a visual representation of things rather than audiotapes. This is the main reason why visual marketing is growing so much these days. While posting on Instagram, there is a limit to the characters that can be used to write a caption so that the main focus would be the photo. 

Behind any successful post, a caption is not always the important thing. 72% of people agree on the fact that portrait photography is the best way to post photos on Instagram. 13% of people said that selfies are the best way to boost popularity. 

Many people prefer editing their images on a professional app before posting it on Instagram, while others just add themes or filters and post their photos on Instagram. 

7. Instagram Is an Unpaid App

You can easily download Instagram from the play store and open a free account just by using your number, username, and password. It's very easy to create an account on Instagram. While Facebook has a lot of ads, Instagram is ad-free so people prefer using Instagram more than Facebook. 

8. Instagram Provides Fast Service

While many websites and apps take a lot of time to load content, Instagram provides very fast services to its users. Though Instagram's previous versions had this issue of loading and clumsy interface, gradually Instagram became a better platform and today is one of the most used platforms in the world. 

9. Instagram Protects Your Privacy 

While many websites do not guarantee privacy protection, Instagram gives guarantees regarding the maintenance and protection of one's privacy. You can make your account private or public according to your need. 

You can turn off likes counts, comment sections, and activity status options to safeguard your privacy. Instagram takes utmost care to provide the best features to its users when it comes to the case of the privacy policy. 


In this article, we discussed the important reasons that made Instagram so popular within just some years. Instagram provides the best services to its users and has a huge fan following on its mobile application. 

It is very convenient and easy to manage Instagram and you won't need to bother about leaking your personal information as well.

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