Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free WordPress Themes

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free WordPress Themes

The best aspect regarding utilizing WordPress as your content management system is that it has plenty of themes running from free to premium.

Simply browse through WordPress theme directory once, and you will be capable of discovering more than thousands of free themes to use on your WordPress sites. You can't find large number of themes anyplace else, and that is the magnificence of utilizing WordPress.

WordPress gives an incredible theme functionality, which empowers it to deliver stunning looking web designs. WordPress themes are accessible in two general classes – Free themes and Premium themes, each one of these two classifications of themes have their own advantages and drawbacks.

Are free WordPress themes actually free as indicated by their name? Most free WordPress themes have a lot of unseen advantages for the developers who design the themes. On one of the aspect, these themes look the most attractive alternative for a new WordPress developer/user. But, if you consider these points that we have discussed below, your perception towards free WordPress themes might change and you might search for better paid options. Below are a few of our reasons why not to use a free WordPress theme.

No Support and No Updates

No Support

For many of the free WordPress themes, you won't get any support from the organization in case you're confronting issues in installing the theme. In the event that the developer refreshes the theme later on for bugs and evolved coding, you won't get any updates and your site will be at risk.

Theme developers make a free theme as a side project and make the updates accessible in their premium WordPress theme form. Nonetheless, a few developers do have any kind of effect. For instance, the premium theme and few others excessively offer free updates. In any case, the updated versions take more time to perform than the Premium versions, so you have to sit tight for a more extended time to get those updates.

Unwanted URLs in the footer

When you pick a free theme, you additionally acknowledge the client understanding from theme developers. In return of the free themes, these developers dependably need you to keep their member URLs on your site's footer. Here and there these links are covered up with a format shading, so you can't see them without moving the cursor over the footer.

Keep in mind, if you ever attempt to dispose of these URLs; you will break the author’s agreement. In the event that you want to remove these links, you won't have the capacity to do so. Also, all you will get is a broken theme. More often than not, these links are not destructive but rather much of the time they divert you to suspicious and malicious sites.

Hidden Advertising

Covered up, spammy promoting links can be difficult to remove. Some may be as clear as a footer content links to the developer, and others may be as obscure as embedding ad links into your posts. And you do not want them to turn your site bad for the search engines.

Hard to change

The free WordPress themes give essential functionality, constrained widget areas, shallow documentation and generally not really clean code. This doesn't mean any discourtesy to the theme developers yet with regards to altering these free WordPress themes to suit the necessities of the blog or site, it requires coding exertion. Changes in code are a necessary thing.On the off chance that you jump at the chance to go for seeking support from the theme developer, you'll regularly need to spend cash from your pocket.

Regardless of the possibility that you need to alter the functions of the free themes, you will wind up getting most exceedingly awful stacking circumstances on your WordPress sites. So, you just need to get assistance from the maker of the theme which will cost you money.


No Funcionality

Free themes generally lack complex functionalities like e-commerce business and coordination with third party integrations. This way, to get the functionality, new code must be composed, which again implies cash to be spent on the free themes you are utilizing. It’s important for a developer to make sure that when making a theme, they follow the best theme development options in order to ensure that they deliver the best.

No theme choices panel

Numerous bloggers who are beginning a blog might not have specialized learning. A large portion of the free WordPress themes don't accompany a theme options panel so you have to play with the codes to make any custom design while Premium themes accompany a choices panel where you don't need to play with the codes. You can change everything with a click.

Rarely Updated

Free themes are updated once in a while; and in this manner, are more susceptible to hacks and security shortcomings.

Poorly Coded and Slow

New developers who simply don't have the idea about any regularly made free themes, create the best they can. An ineffectively coded theme can make your site lazy, which is bad for your guests, and surely not useful for your Google rankings.

Here are a couple of other reasons why you ought not to utilize free WordPress themes.

  • Most free WordPress themes are not interesting. They don't give an engaging design to your WordPress sites. They all are non-specific.
  • They are not internet search friendly. The vast majority of the free themes on WordPress are not intended for search engines. So, you won't get any extra features or more natural movement by utilizing free themes.
  • Most free WordPress themes are not mobile responsive. Having a mobile friendly theme is an absolute necessity on the off chance that you would prefer not to lose activity from mobile, tablet or smart mobile phone gadgets.


Personally, we don't recommend anybody to utilize free WordPress themes on their WordPress sites. The reason is that, if you need to master the web, you firstly will need to spend and invest money. Without spending cash, expecting cash consequently doesn't work. Additionally, considering this way, you will tend to get serious if you are spending cash on something. So,invest some smart money on purchasing a premium WordPress theme that suits your necessities and lets you accomplish all your amazing website related tasks seamlessly.

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