Why there's a fuss about material design during app designing?

Why there's a fuss about material design during app designing?

Design is considered to be the most indispensable aspect of mobile app development. There are developers who invest a good amount of time and efforts on planning the design for their mobile applications.

The way an app looks and feels will probably decide the overall user experience it is capable of providing. With the smartphones flooding the market, the app developers have become more concerned about the faster and efficient development of apps that can fit the screen sizes of different varieties of mobile devices. With the total internet usage on mobile devices sky-rocketing by the end of 2014, an app design approach such as Material Design will perhaps work as the right tool for building outstanding mobile applications. Through this blog, I'll be throwing some light on material design aspects that have made mobile app designers go haywire.

What's material design all about?

Well, material design serves as a comprehensive guide for motion, visual and interactive designs that are used for designing apps that perform flawlessly across multiple platforms and devices. With Android including support for material design apps in the all new Android 5.0, you can easily get a more logical and intuitive interface for developing high-performing mobile applications. Having introduced an element of three dimension into its app design processes; Android's material design is a sweet surprise for all those who had got bored with the use of two dimensional elements into their Android applications. Via material design, designers have been able to put a greater emphasis on the user actions that play a crucial role in creating the core functionality of the mobile application. With all actions taking place in a single environment, it becomes quite convenient to present objects without breaking the consistency of user experience.

Not getting acquainted with the right set of material design resources tends to frustrate the app designers

Although there are tons and tons of resources that allow you to begin exploring the concept of Material Design, there is a good majority of app designers who are still reluctant in gaining access to these resources. With the lack of right knowledge about Material Design, these designers tend to face frustration regrading successful implementation of app design projects. I recommend you the following ways of getting the best know-how about material design:

  • Check out the overviews, discussions and videos that are based on Material Design approach for designing Android apps.
  • Check out as many Material apps as you can. You can access Google for a wide collection of apps that are based on Material Design and are being released on a daily basis. For this, accessing Gmail. Fit, I/O 2014, Maps, Calendar and similar sites would serve as a handy option. 
  • Keep on monitoring all the updates that are being introduced into the material design world on a regular basis. In addition to this, also keep a good track of all back-and-forth conversations that are taking place within the design and development community that's working on the Material Design concept. Some interesting sites you must visit include: Android Police, r/Android and Android Weekly Newsletter.

Loosing focus during App design using Material Design is a 'No No'

With a lot being attached to Material Design, it is recommended not to get carried away with the diversities and stay focused on your app design priorities. Well, this is something many app designers fail to achieve. Rather, they simply divert their attention towards other things that aren't much of an importance to the perfect designing of Android applications. Here, I'd like to advise you to keep all your priorities in mind and pick up a suitable deadline that you can meet without fail.

Modal views in iOS are incompetent in doing what Android can perform

Although a large group of possibilities are expected to be introduced along with the principles of Material Design, it is believed that app designers would have to face unexpected issues. One of the most prominent issues is that the modal views in iOS won't be able to perform what Android does. Also, developers would find it inconvenient to understand what is and isn't backwards-compatible.

Wrapping Up

Although it will be a bit challenging, but developing apps using the material design concept will be something interesting to look forward to. So, get going and practice app designing using material design approach; which will be both enticing as well as thoroughly befitting.

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Victoria Brinsley

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