What Are The Latest Trends In Website Development In 2020.

What Are The Latest Trends In Website Development In 2020.

What’s up guys. I know many of you out there are already asking about the latest trends in Web development for the year 2020.

Of course, it is important to be equipped and level up with the latest technical skills required to become a successful software engineer and Web developer, and that’s the more reason we're here.
Last year, we saw the good old C Programming language becoming the #1, with a yearly increase in users to 2.4%. Other runners up in the game include C#, Python and Swift, with 2.1, 1.4 and 0.6% increase in users respectively.
However, the year 2020 promises new changes in the eye of developers, and we're already seeing new adjustments implemented for both Front and backend development. For the sake of today and beyond, we'll only be discussing on the capabilities and popularity of few Web development languages that seem to be trending right now as I’m writing.

GraphQL Web Development Trends

It doesn’t matter if you’re a frontend or backend developer, you definitely have to learn GraphQL and how to use it.
GraphQL delivers a complete description and understanding of data in your API. It gives users the power to request exactly what they need, and hence makes it easier to evolve APIs over time with the seamless deployment of powerful development tools.
More and more popular platforms like Facebook, Shopify, Magneto and Woocommerce,. already using GraphQL as a primary communication between the Frontend and server side. The WPGraphQL plug-in that adds Woocommerce functionality to the WPGraphQL API, just like we've seen with the popular woocommerce product bundles plugin used in woocommerce stores, is an example of its practical use.
Writing GraphQL queries is simpler and straightforward, it only requires the use of fields and filters in order to send a request to the backend server for only the data you’re interested to be returned back to you.

TypeScript Web Development

I know a lot people are presently make use of TypeScript; which is a subset of JavaScript and also an open source language as well.
TypeScript adds functional static typing to JavaScript. It is designed for the development of large applications and does trans-compiles to JavaScript. It is interesting to note that TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and existing JavaScript programs are also synced with TypeScript programs.
TypeScript is majorly used for development of applications for both client and server-side execution, and hence serves as a handy programming tool to apply for your upcoming project in 2020.

Progressive Web Applications Is Growing Fast In Use

This is a type of application software that is developed through the web. However, it is built with most common Web techniques including CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
The functionality requirements of websites built with PWA approach includes; working offline capabilities, push notification deployment, and device hardware access that enable users to create experiences similar to native applications on desk and mobile devices.
Most web users and even owners will want a faster website that can perform well on any kind of device as much as possible, the PW ecommerce mobile plugin for woocommerce stores for example, converts your Web store into a Progressive web app instantly. The plugin is nothing to be compared with other woocommerce name your price, and that is why Progressive applications is the way to go for 2020.

Svelte - A Flexible Programming Platform For Developers

When you begin to get familiar with Libraries and Frameworks, you’ll notice that React provides flexibility in the amount of code you have to write and execute compared with JavaScript libraries from the past, such as JQuery. However, Svelte is even better and serves as a newer approach to building user interfaces.
When traditional frameworks like React and Vue do a lot of its work in browsers, Svelte shifts that work into a compiled step that happens when building your app.
With Svelte, the amount of code you need to write to make a progressive application is so minimal that it definitely reduces time wasted in development process and hence boost productivity.

Python And PHP Backend Languages

When it comes to Backend languages, Python is the most popular and simple to use. With its oriented high level dynamic semantics, its functions can be carried out with simple commands and less text. It is used as a scripted language for web applications, meaning it automates specific series of task, making it more efficient for developers. Generally, Python is used for Web development, data analysis, machine learning and many more applications.
PHP is so popular today, thanks to its capabilities of inserting codes into HTML. Over 70% of websites are designed with PHP currently, few examples include popular CMS like WordPress and Drupal, popular ecommerce solutions like Magneto and Frameworks like LA ravel and Symphony.

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