Ways to Improve Your WordPress Development Skills

Ways to Improve Your WordPress Development Skills

WordPress is the top growing platform that has a high scope in the future.

Continuously new advancement is done in the WordPress platform to compete with theirs oppose one.
Hence every company look for an experienced and high qualified WordPress expert so that they can grow their business in the world of competition. To reach the companies expectation you need to enhance your skills in such a way that companies should hire you.
If you really want to make a growth in the WordPress field than you must have some skills that are different but unique from others. It is OK if you are a beginner and know how to customize the WordPress theme. There are lots of WordPress developer who does same WordPress themes customization work. But becoming a high skilled WordPress developer needs some patience, hard work and determinations.
The field of WordPress developers is huge then just following or learning some stuff from tutorials and all. For becoming a skilled and successful developer, you should be able to find a solution in your difficulties without getting lost and frustrated.
Therefore we are here to aware you about the latest WordPress stuff. We have mentioned some points that will help you to improve and enhance the development skills to stay longer in the WordPress development field.

Learn about basic things

WordPress is created with the most important and common programming language that is PHP. You must be aware of PHP language but with that, you must be skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you really want to learn from basic then you should start learning by visiting these two websites. i.e. Learnable.com and Lynda.com.
Once you have learned about the WordPress basic then you should move forward with the WordPress coding standards. While learning WordPress coding standards you will be aware of committing coding errors and will guide you to enhance the code readability. These codes will also assist you to learn about reviews, collaboration.

Research about the free resources to learn WordPress

Prefer to use some resources to learn more about WordPress. The best website is WPBeginner that can be accessed at free cost. This site is only for beginners not for developers.  For those interested in Custom WordPress Development, diving deeper into the core functionalities and creating tailored solutions is essential.  The website is updated regularly with the new blog and tutorial. You will be able to find some news, tips, guidance about WordPress. WPMarmite is another option. Their mission is to help beginners, freelancers, and bloggers in setting up, customizing, and managing their websites on a daily basis like professionals.

Work with clients

If you want to get some real-world experience then you should work directly with the clients. You will face some most challenges but also you will be able to learn and grab more opportunities to get knowledge in different ways. You can refer to some job portals or freelancing sites to get hired like Freelancer.com, behance.net, peopleperhour.com and guru.com are some of the popular hiring sites. By creating a profile to these sites you will be able to build your own portfolio.

Refer some Blog

With the help of some tutorial and website reference, you can enhance some WordPress development skills but if you looking to get aware of the latest trends and news about WordPress then you need to visit some blog regularly.
We have listed some websites that you can read the blog.

WP Tavern

Know about the latest WordPress news and other WordPress kinds of stuff.

WP Mayor

You will get to know about the latest reviews on WordPress themes and plugins

Smashing Magazine

This is the most popular magazine for website design and development. You will be able to access some fresh articles.

Take a part in WordPress conferences

If you are a WordPress developer then you must be aware of some WordPress conferences and meet-ups that are organized each year near your locality. The meetups, conferences, and Wordcamps help to drive your attention to the latest features and updates on WordPress. The meet-ups are conducted by keeping in some problems in mind that every developer faces in their daily routine. Usually, most of the big cities host the Worldcamp after every 6 months. Some WordPress development companies are interested to attend the conferences personally or some attend by watching it online.

Online training courses

Because of WordPress popularity, many websites are created basically for learning WordPress. Anyone can access these sites with no cost or just require a single dollar. The main aim of these training courses is to gather some most important information about CMS that will be helpful for WordPress developers to learn something new from that. You can register your seat in such courses if you dont want to miss anything on WordPress and looking to be a skilled WordPress developer.

Make the use of social media

Social media has changed the meaning of the way we communicate. We are now able to share news, able to shop any product, able to connect with any person of the world, etc. This can be done by showing a presence on social media networks. Some most popular social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Other than this social media has shown its strong presence by driving some important and useful information from different resources at zero time.
You should be active on these social media accounts to get some news and updates on WordPress. Plus this process will help you to refine your skills and knowledge.

Know about WordPress news

WordPress is so much popular. Even if you type WordPress in Google you will get 2,25,00,00,000 results in 0.63 seconds. With this huge figure, you can identify the competition in WordPress field and its popularity. The results shown in the bar are all related to WordPress only. If you check the listed website you will be able to find some useful news channel or a website that stays you up to date. Therefore you should subscribe to such channels to enhance your development skills in WordPress. Some website holds some information about the upcoming Wordcamps and conferences that will guide you in some stuff.
So, if you are a beginner or a experienced WordPress developer, the best possible way to stay up to date about WordPress themes and plugins, news and WordPress trends you should be connected to such website that we have listed above. Ultimately this will guide you to refine your knowledge and skills.

Posted by Stacee Harris

Stacee Harris
Being an experienced developer at SKT Themes, Stacee Harris is passionate about researching on new technologies in both mobile,web and WordPress themes that could enhance websites and mobile functionalities. She keeps an eye on the latest happening in the web & mobile world to remain updated with the current market trends.

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