How to Follow Up with Instagram Influencers without Being Annoying

How to Follow Up with Instagram Influencers without Being Annoying

A follow up email or message might be necessary when pitching your proposal to Instagram Influencers. These tips help you avoid coming off as annoying.

You have taken your time while selecting and researching Instagram influencers. You have also made a well-considered pitch you are sure will interest your target influencers, and sent it via email. All you need now is a response.
The problem is that it has been almost a week and you are haven’t gotten a response. While this might mean the influencer is not interested in your proposal, it is more likely that it has just gotten lost in their inbox.
Instagram influencers get a lot of email as well as direct messages, so this is entirely possible.
The obvious next step is to follow up. You have to be careful, however. Because if you come off as too pushy or annoying, the influencer might decide not to work with you after all.
Here are some tips for following up with Instagram influencers without being annoying.

Avoid Monday Mornings

Most people are in a bad mood or extremely busy on Monday mornings. You do not want to add to the stress. Aim to send your follow up email or direct message in the afternoon or the next day.

Keep It Conversational

When following up on your proposal, you want to keep it nice and friendly. You want something from the influencer, so you want to avoid being too pushy.
Try to segue into your reminder by mentioning a recent post you found interesting. That should break the ice.

Be Helpful

You can camouflage your follow up as an offer of assistance to the recipient. You might offer to clarify the terms of your proposals, for example.
You can also point out how your brand can help the influencer with their favorite cause or charity. Do not forget to include your complete contact information in your message to make it easy for the influencer to get back to you.

Be Polite

You might be surprised at the positive effect of politeness on any type of communication. Make sure you use please when appropriate to turn your statements into requests.
You should also remember to thank the reader for taking time to read your message.


Instagram influencers are busy people, so you will probably need to follow up on your proposal. You just have to make sure you make a good impression when you do.
If you want to know more about how to approach Instagram influencers the right way, infographic provided by iFluenz

How To Approach Instagram Influencers the Right Way

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