Top 8 Instagram Event Marketing Ideas

Top 8 Instagram Event Marketing Ideas

Event marketing can sometimes be tricky on social media. But, with a few creative ideas, you can easily hit your target audience and go beyond your reach limit.

In the past few years, social media has taken over the marketing department. Gone are the days of pamphlets, flyers, and billboards.  If you want word to spread fast, you post it on a social media platform. One such social media platform that is widely used for promotion and marketing is Instagram. The social media platform is easily accessible and is free to use by anyone living anywhere. With the easy-to-use video editing software available online, marketing has become even easier.

But there are a few key elements you need to know about before you dive into the world of Instagram event marketing.

Hashtags Are Everything

Instagram users are known to use hashtags to search for specific content. If you include some creative hashtags in your promotional material, you can easily hit a wider audience. Hashtags on Instagram work like portals that take people to the specific content they are looking for. Include some hashtags in your event marketing program and see how quickly it reaches a wider audience. There are many different types of hashtags on Instagram. There are brand hashtags, industry hashtags, content hashtags, as well as niche hashtags. A well designed and catchy hashtag can even get trending on social media that can double your reach.

Collab With Influencers

Instagram is known to be the home of influencers. Instagram celebrities who have a huge fan following are mostly loved by the general public. If you want to promote and event fast, these are the people you need to be friends with. Find influencers who have a brand or niche similar to yours and collaborate with them. You can also take part in something called a #takeover where you give the influencer access to your Instagram page and let them do some behind the scenes shoots and post content about your event on your behalf.

Learn How To Market The Event

Before you begin your event marketing, you need to understand your audience and devise a marketing strategy that will get you results. Know what is the best time to post on Instagram and schedule your posts accordingly. First, you need to know the core audience you will be targeting. What is the age demographic you want? What are they interested in seeing? You can also do paid advertisements that will promote your marketing to an even wider audience. Make sure you are keeping up with the current trends to not seem old fashioned or out of date. Reliability and modern lifestyles also play a big role in how much interaction your marketing will get from the audience.

Hold Challenges And Competitions To Boost Interactions

Challenges are a big trend on social media, and everyone loves doing them. Challenges and competitions are what will boost your audiences’ interaction with your brand. If you want more people to engage with your content and event marketing, then this is the way to go. This will also help spread the word faster, and people will come back to see your response or the declaration of a winner. This will result in a wider spread of your promotion as well as a higher interaction level and way more views than expected. You will also get valuable feedback from your audience.

Stories Are Everything

Surveys have suggested that over 100 million users engage with stories posted on Instagram every day. Everyone posts stories and they can be tailored to target a specific audience. Even big and small companies with Instagram pages post stories about their business and upcoming ventures to get attention and spread the word. You can use the stories feature to easily promote an event, recap the work done so far, or tease upcoming projects or ideas. The 'Swipe Up' feature increases the level of interaction in the story. You can add both video and photos to your story to keep it interesting.

Always Add Some Behind The Scenes

We talked about this in collaboration with the influencer's part. Adding some behind-the-scenes photos, and videos make your marketing campaign more humanized and relatable. Everyone loves to see how things come together, and this is a great way of showing that. You can also get influencers to host this part of the campaign. In the behind-the-scenes part, you can add more information about the event or promotion. You can also give a sneak peek to what is coming up or any big plans in the works. Always try to add something interesting and new via your stories.

Reuse Content

Now, when you're promoting an event, you don't always have to come up with new original ideas. You can easily reuse something you have done before. Just change it up a bit to make the tone or message of what it is you are promoting now. You can showcase the main and important features of your event. Give your audience sneak peeks via photos or short videos. Make a hype trailer for the event. When you reuse content, it adds flow to your whole marketing campaign and also to your brand.

Hit It Out Of The Park

This is the final step to make the whole marketing campaign completely breathtaking.  Instagram is all about style and appearance. If you want to turn heads, you need to be stylish, slick, and cool with your promotional material. You need to adapt to the modern generation with witty comments, meme knowledge, and the inclusion of hashtags. Make sure your promotional material is not boring or out-of-date. Make sure you keep up with the trends on social media. Take full advantage of all the features the site provides you with. And always make sure to test out your final product with a test audience first and take feedback.


Instagram marketing is a new and exceptional tool when it comes to online marketing. You can reach millions of people within a few days if you use it correctly. Going viral is a trend, and why should you be left behind? Using the tips and tricks given, not only will you hit your target, but you can also go beyond it.

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