Marketing is an essential constituent of running a business. Even in older days, when technology was not rampant, people used to do marketing through word of mouth, then print media took over.

6.The contemporary world has turned digital, and we rely on technological tools for carrying out mundane tasks. Technology has taken over the marketing scene, and more and more brands are going for digital marketing. An increasing number of people use smartphones, and many people spend a substantial amount of time on gadgets. Catching their attention online and persuading them through digital means into buying your services have proven to be very useful. 

Digital marketing is a considerable term, and with time it continues to evolve. Marketing through affiliate programs is a prevalent form of digital marketing. Affiliate programs are associate programs. An online business pays an affiliate webpage a commission to send more traffic their way.  Different websites go for different strategies; some decide to pay as per the number of users an affiliate program directs to the particular website. Others agree to pay when users either buy or show some action on the websites. Affiliate programs have proven to be very powerful, and several brands are using it to enhance business practices, 

Many businesses want to go for affiliate programs and reap the benefits of it. Still, due to inadequate information, they find themselves unable to decide which affiliate program would be right for them. Below we are giving a comprehensive guide, which will provide you with an insight into various affiliate programs:

1. Guitar Center

The name implies that the affiliated music program is only catering to guitar-related music. However, Guitar Center caters to all musical instruments and music-related gears. They update their list weekly, and as an affiliate marketer, what benefits you is that some of Guitar Center's products are only available online. You can take advantage of these music affiliate programs as they do not restrict you from the money you can make through them.

2. eBay

eBay is one of the famous multinational e-business corporations, and it is also one of the initial ones. eBay offers reasonable conversion rates. The best part is it has its affiliate program under the name of 'eBay Partner Network.' Since it is about doing business on a digital platform, its payment option is Direct deposit and Paypal. Another plus point is eBay's customer support is active and very responsive. You will get instant responses to your queries.

3. Amazon Associates

The fastest growing and widely used affiliated website is amazon, and it continues to progress by leaps and bounds. Easy to use interface and its options for various payments make it a feasible option for many people. Amazon has millions of products, and people often say it has everything you can quickly get under one platform. Amazon gift cards are another prominent feature, and due to its wide range, people use it to send gifts across the borders.

4. Musician's Friend

Another popular music-related gear globally is Musician's Friends, which has been in the music business for 30 years. Users can buy anything, such as drums, keyboard, guitar, mixing gears, from this platform. It is true to its words and says that it is every musician's companion. It also has a feature of outstanding link tracking and has a cookie duration of a fortnight.

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy caters to 20 million users globally, and it is another one of the initial hosting providing companies. Their affiliated marketing programs are named GoDaddy Affiliate Program, and many bloggers buy their domain names from GoDaddy. It is a credible name, and it provides 24/7 support to its customers. GoDaddy's cookie life is about 45 days, which goes in favor as if a customer buys anything from your GoDaddy's affiliated link, you will gain commission.

6. HostGator

HostGator offers shared, dedicated, reseller hosting, and virtual private network servers. They give domain names in economic costs and have 24/7 technical support, making it a popular choice amongst bloggers. They accept payment as electronic fund transfer or Paypal. The waiting period for their standard payment is two months and ten days, and they offer 45 days money-back guarantee. If you want to be their affiliate, you have to sign up for their HostGator Affiliate Program, free and work with their technical team and start earning. HostGator's earning potential is comparatively high, and you can earn up to 65$ commission for one to five signups. Commission increases with the registration every month.  

7. Fiddlershop

Fiddlershop is another music affiliate program. It sets it apart because it puts every musical instrument to the test before putting it up for sale. They sell musical instruments with the cases, and it saves customers from the hassle of purchasing them separately. Their commission percentage is 5, and the lifespan of their cookies is seven days.  


Due to the innumerable benefits of affiliate marketing programs, many business owners are opting for them. Experts suggest that you conduct your research and consider commission percentage and cookie duration when you plan to go for affiliate marketing programs. Affiliated programs are growing faster than ever, and the opportunities are open to all businesses. 

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